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Asanti Black Label Wheels ABL-30 Corona Truck 24x10 Titanium Brushed 6x135 +30mm 87.1mm

Brand: Asanti Black Label

Model: ABL-30 Corona Truck

Size :

Finish: Titanium Brushed

HubBore : 87.1

Sku : ABL30-24106330TB

Renowned globally for high quality standards, Asanti luxury wheels are meticulously designed for supreme elegance and absolute durability. These premium rims feature unique, beautiful designs and a variety of alluring finishes.that exude unmatched creativity and masterful craftsmanship. Made with high quality aluminum and engineered with precision, Asanti luxury rims are manufactured using the latest technology in order to ensure flawless product quality down to the molecular level!
More Information
Wheel Brand Asanti Black Label
Wheel Model ABL-30 Corona Truck
Finish Titanium Brushed
Wheel Diameter 24