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Whether you are looking for a stylish new set of rims for your luxury car, sports sedan, SUV, or pickup truck, we are sure to have just what you need at an unbelievable price. We carry all of the top brands, including Giovanna, Mach, Vision Off-Road, Koko Kuture, KMC, and much more.

Pros and Cons Of 26-Inch Rims

26-inch rims are the largest size wheels that we sell. It is also a popular option for people who are looking to give their car a more unique appearance.


There are many benefits to having 26-inch rims on your vehicle. But the most obvious benefit is the enhanced appearance. There is no denying that 26-inch wheels look good on every vehicle. No matter what design or finish you choose, when you put these large wheels on your vehicle, you will instantly transform its exterior into an eye-catching piece of artwork.

Another benefit of having 26-inch rims is the increased ground clearance. 26-inch rims will add several inches of space between the ground and your car. The additional ground clearance will help to protect the underbody.

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  1. 2101 NEW CHEVY 1 item
  2. 2102 NEW GMC 1 item
  3. 2103 FR98 Escalade 2 items
  4. 2106 GMC FR96 CARBON PRO 1 item
  5. 2107 DENALI FR95 7008 1 item
  6. 2108 A002 FR93 2019 GM MESH 1 item
  7. 2123 FR91 Escalade platinum 2 items
  8. 2126 Silverado Y Spoke 1 item
  9. 544C 1 item
  10. 547B 1 item
  11. 547BM 1 item
  12. 547C 1 item
  13. 560B 1 item
  14. 701 3 items
  15. 781 Snowflakes 26 items
  16. 791 FR72 ESCALADE 4 items
  17. 80R Scorpion 10 items
  18. 82R Falcon 4 items
  19. 9110BM Summit 2 items
  20. 9110P Summit 4 items
  21. 9116 Vertex 7 items
  22. ABL-15 Apollo 5 items
  23. ABL-18 Matar 4 items
  24. ABL-38 Monarch Truck 9 items
  25. AT184 DNA 3 items
  26. AZ DRIP 3 items
  27. AZ Reign 9 items
  28. AZ1970 1 item
  29. AZ25 6 items
  30. AZ717 4 items
  31. AZ822 6 items
  32. AZV01 2 items
  33. AZV02 2 items
  34. Bogota 2 items
  35. Buca 3 items
  36. Coda 10 items
  37. D04 ESCLADE 3 items
  38. D581 Triton 3 items
  39. D595 Sledge 1 item
  40. D615 Contra 1 item
  41. D704 Siege 5 items
  42. D705 Siege 4 items
  43. D706 Siege 1 item
  44. D715 Triton Platinum 1 item
  45. D741 Runner 2 items
  46. D742 Runner 2 items
  47. Denali 7008 2 items
  48. Elite 1 item
  49. F40 1 item
  50. F7768 STRADA HURACAN 1 item
  51. FR95 1 item
  52. G04 Honeycomb 2 items
  53. G06 6 items
  54. Gabbia 2 items
  55. H119 Dagr 8lug 1 item
  56. H121 Omega 6lug 2 items
  57. H121 Omega 8lug 2 items
  58. HF02 Superbeast 8lug 2 items
  59. HF04 Punisher 8lug 1 item
  60. HF06 Chaos 8lug 2 items
  61. HF07 Tomahawk 6lug 2 items
  62. HF07 Tomahawk 8lug 4 items
  63. HF08 Savage 6lug 3 items
  64. HF08 Savage 8lug 2 items
  65. Haleb 1 item
  66. Haleb Big Cap 2 items
  67. Huracan 3 items
  68. KR144BM Swagg 1 item
  69. KR146BM Spltz 1 item
  70. KR146C Spltz 1 item
  71. Kapan 2 items
  72. LT557 779 CARBON 2 items
  73. M26 8 items
  74. M27 6 items
  75. MAMMOTH 6 items
  76. Moto 2 items
  77. P300 Pheonix 4 items
  78. P300 Phoenix 5 items
  79. PR147 2 items
  80. PR176 8 items
  81. PR182 5 items
  82. PR198 2 items
  83. PR210 2 items
  84. PR211 3 items
  85. Perfetto 3 items
  86. RL-101 9 items
  87. RL-106 9 items
  88. RL105 4 items
  89. RL108 2 items
  90. RP001 NEW LTZ 5 items
  91. RP002 GMC FR96 CARBONPRO 2 items
  92. RS-10 1 item
  93. RS-12 2 items
  94. RS-38 2 items
  95. RS-39 3 items
  96. Retro 6 11 items
  97. S115 Baller 7 items
  98. S116 Baller 2 items
  99. S120 Shot Calla 2 items
  100. S121 Shot Calla 1 item
  101. S187 8-Ball 1 item
  102. S216 Baller 4 items
  103. S218 Baller 3 items
  104. S219 Shot Calla 1 item
  105. S254 Flex 3 items
  106. S255 Flex 3 items
  107. S256 Flex 3 items
  108. S257 Flex 4 items
  109. S258 G.O.A.T. 4 items
  110. S259 G.O.A.T. 3 items
  111. S260 G.O.A.T. 4 items
  112. S261 G.O.A.T. 4 items
  113. S262 OG 2 items
  114. S263 OG 2 items
  115. S264 OG 2 items
  116. S265 Dirty Dog 2 items
  117. S266 Dirty Dog 2 items
  118. S267 Dirty Dog 2 items
  119. S268 Dirty Dog 2 items
  120. S269 Dirty Dog 2 items
  121. S270 Dirty Dog 2 items
  122. STRADA HURACAN F7768 2 items
  123. Sardinia 1 item
  124. Sardinia 6 1 item
  125. Sega 6 items
  126. Sicily 2 items
  127. Silverado 2 items
  128. Snowflake 8 items
  129. T1B 1 item
  130. T2B 4 items
  131. T4B 2 items
  132. Tornado 3 items
  133. Tulum Big Cap 1 item
  134. Velocity 248T IROC 1 item
  135. Verdi 1 item
  136. Vetse 1 item
  137. X02 2 items
  138. X04 1 item
  139. X6-IROC 1 item
  140. XM-304 4 items
  141. XM-335 3 items
  142. XM-340 5 items
  143. XM-354 3 items
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Items 1-12 of 445

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26-inch rims also have some drawbacks that should be considered before making a purchase. One of the biggest disadvantages of 26-inch rims is the increased risk of flats. The larger size makes the rims more susceptible to impact damage, and they are also more likely to catch on objects such as curbs and potholes. As a result, 26-inch rims require more frequent maintenance and repair than smaller sizes. In addition, 26-inch rims can negatively affect fuel economy due to increased rolling resistance. For these reasons, 26-inch rims may not be the best choice for everyone.

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Get the Best Prices on 26” Custom Rims and Aftermarket Wheels Online

At Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we have a wide selection of 17-inch wheels. When you buy 17-inch rims online with us, you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality rim for the best price. If you are not sure what type of wheel that you want, you can browse our entire inventory by brand, size, and more.


Does changing rims size affect the transmission?

26-inch rims are a popular choice for many car owners, but there is some debate about whether they can damage the transmission. Some experts believe that 26-inch rims put extra stress on the transmission, which can lead to premature wear and tear. Others argue that 26-inch rims do not put any additional strain on the transmission and that any problems that occur are due to poor quality parts or incorrect installation. Ultimately, there is no definitive answer, and it is up to each individual to decide whether they want to take the risk.

Are 26 wheels hard on your Vehicle?

26-inch rims are the largest size that is commonly available on the market. While they may look impressive, they can actually be hard on your vehicle. The extra weight of the larger rims puts additional stress on the suspension and brakes, which can lead to premature wear and tear. In addition, 26-inch rims can make it more difficult to control the vehicle, especially in poor weather conditions. If you are considering 26-inch rims for your car, it is important to weigh the pros and cons carefully.

Are there any advantages to using 26 inch rims on a vehicle?

In the simplest terms, wider automobile wheels result in increased road contact, broader thread, and stronger sidewalls, all of which improve your vehicle's cornering performance. Larger wheels provide you more options for your car's design and tire selection.

Are 26 inch rims suitable for off-road driving?

Off-road explorers choose this size because it provides a firm grip and control on uneven terrain. Nevertheless, your height and riding style will determine if this size fits you like a glove.

What are the benefits of choosing 26 inch rims over smaller sizes?

There are various advantages to 26-inch wheels, including improved maneuverability, quicker acceleration, increased strength, and lower weight.

Do 26 inch rims affect the vehicle's fuel efficiency?

Because they are heavier, larger tires reduce fuel economy whereas smaller tires improve it.

Are there any specific brands known for producing high-quality 26 inch rims?

Some well-known brands for producing high-quality 26 inch rims include Mavic, DT Swiss, and Stan's NoTubes.

Are 26 inch rims more prone to bending or damage compared to smaller sizes?

Yes, 26 inch rims can be more prone to bending or damage compared to larger sizes due to their smaller diameter and reduced impact absorption.

Do 26 inch rims require special tires, or can I use standard ones?

On 26 inch rims, regular tires can be used. Just make sure the tire and rim sizes are compatible (26x2.1 for a 26-inch rim, for example).

Can I get 26 inch rims with a customized design or pattern?

Yes, you can frequently get 26 inch rims from different manufacturers or custom wheel builders with unique designs or patterns.

Are 26 inch rims commonly used for performance or aesthetic purposes?

Given that bigger wheel diameters are now more often employed for performance-oriented applications, 26 inch rims are typically used for aesthetic reasons and modifications rather than high-performance applications.

Are there any specific driving considerations when using 26 inch rims?

When purchasing 26-inch rims, keep in mind that they could offer a harsher ride than bigger wheels over uneven terrain. Additionally, comfort and handling may be impacted by tire selection and tire pressure. For optimum comfort and performance, it's critical to choose the right tires and maintain the recommended tire pressure.

What is the cost range for 26 inch chrome rims?

26 inch chrome rims can range significantly in price based on the brand, style, and material. The typical price for a rim can range from $300 to $1500 or more, and the total price for a set of four rims might be anywhere from $1200 to $6000 or more.

Do 26 inch rims affect the accuracy of the vehicle's speedometer?

An incorrect speedometer is among the most frequent issues that a change in tire and wheel size can bring about. As you travel down the highway, a larger tire will rotate less frequently and have a greater diameter.

What is the ideal tire pressure for vehicles with 26 inch rims?

The best tire pressure for the majority of automobiles is between 32 and 35 PSI. One can, however, reduce the pressure to 20 PSI (although doing so is not advised). Any tire that has less than 20 PSI is said to be flat. Pounds per Square Inch, or PSI.

Can I find 26 inch rims with colored accents or inserts?

Yes, it's common to come across 26-inch rims with coloured inlays or accents. To complement the appearance of your car, several manufacturers provide customisable choices that let you select various colours for highlights, spokes, or inlays.

How do 26 inch rims impact the overall handling and stability of a vehicle?

If you use larger wheels, your automobile will be more stable and the stopping distance will be reduced; A wider diameter results in a heavier wheel, which will cause speed to be slightly compromised when accelerating (depending also on the vehicle's torque).

Buy 26-Inch Rims Online for Your Vehicle

On the hunt for a vehicle makeover? Take a peek at the array of 26-inch rims waiting to be discovered online. Beyond just a cosmetic upgrade, these larger rims might also contribute to an improved driving experience with potential benefits for both style and handling. It's worth factoring in details like bolt patterns, offsets, and materials while sifting through choices. Prioritize trusted sellers and peruse reviews to make an informed decision, ensuring the chosen rims not only match your taste but also complement your driving preferences.

26” Wheel and Tires Packages

All packages include: 4 wheels, 4 tires, mounted balanced shipped fast right to your door!

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Our team of experts has more than 20 years of tire and wheel experience. We are here to assist you in properly fitting your custom wheels. If you have any questions about any of the wheels, rims, and tires that we sell, Contact Us or call us today at 1-800-901-6003.