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  1. EV Tires for Your Electric Vehicle

    With so many car manufacturers jumping on the electric vehicle (EV) bandwagon, tire makers are paying attention, and they’re starting to cater to this side of the market with tires that are specifically engineered for EVs.

    The question is, do you really need EV tires for your electric vehicle? The short answer is no. Theres’ nothing wrong with using tires that were designed for conventional gas-powered vehicles. However, if you want to get the most from your electric vehicle, then you’ll want to invest in tires that were made with the demands of EVs in mind.

    You can think of EV tires for an electric vehicle like a good pair of running shoes for an athlete. While you could technically jog in a pair of cross trainers or basketball sneakers, your performance would get a boost if you were to wear a pair of dedicated running shoes. The same can be said about your EV: Your electric vehicle has certain strengths and needs that

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  2. Alphabet Soup: Making Sense of Truck Tire Options

    Choosing a tire for a pick-up or an SUV can seem like a daunting task. Not only do you have to figure out whether you want a P-metric (passenger) tire, or a light truck (LT) tire, but you also have to make sense of all the subcategories: HT, AT, MT and RT.

    The decision-making process begins with an honest assessment of you actual needs and wants. In the “needs” category: Do you really need a tire that allows you to crawl over rocks, or do your off-roading adventures take you across less demanding terrain?

    Also, ask yourself whether you want a quiet tire that allows for a more tranquil environment when you’re on the freeway, or if you’re okay with the constant road noise made by more aggressive tires.

    Once you know what you actually need and what, you’ll be able to figure out what’s best for your truck.

    P-Metric vs. LT Tires

    Just be

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  3. Speed Ratings Explained

    The next time you’re shopping for replacement tires, you might be surprised when you’re told your vehicle needs tires with a speed rating that’s way beyond any posted speed limits you’ve ever heard of. So why would you have to buy a tire that can go 186 mph (speed rating: Y) when you’ll never drive that fast without getting arrested or killed?

    Even if you own a family sedan, like a Toyota Camry, you still might need V-rated tires, which means they have a speed rating of 149 mph? You’ll never drive that fast to the grocery store, so what’s the point?

    A Misnomer

    The confusion stems from the fact that speed ratings have nothing to do with how fast you actually drive. The term is a bit of a misnomer, but a recent conversation I had with Ian McKenney, Senior Product Manager at Bridgestone, sheds some light on where the speed rating idea comes from, and why it’s important for you to consider speed ratings when bu

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  4. Different Types of Cheap Tires

    There are many different types of cheap tires on the market that are available to the public. Brands like Firestone, Cooper, Hankook, and Toyo are considered some of the leading manufacturers and provide high-quality tires that range in a variety of sizes and utilities. Now that is something that can excite and cover the needs of the most efficient bargain hunter.

    Here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we carry all of the styles of tires that these brands, and others like them, provide.

    Our wide selection of everyday Passenger car tires includes, but is not limited to; compact car tires, All-Season Tires, sports car tires, and family car tires that boast high-quality rides for the daily commute or travel. We also carry an assortment of light and heavy truck styles such as crossover tires, All-Terrain tires, SUV tires, sport truck tires, pickup truck tires, and Jeep tires for the adventurous driver who enjoys going off the pavement and hitting the trail. The warehouse also keeps

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  5. Best Cheap Tires in 2022

    What are the best cheap tires that you, the consumer, can find in today’s market?

    Firestone, Cooper, Hankook, and Toyo are just a handful of the best cheap tire brands that the market currently offers. Each of these brands is considered some of the leading manufacturers all over the world and provides high-quality tires at a reasonable price and that range in a variety of sizes and utilities. That is something that can excite and cover the needs of the most efficient bargain hunter.

    Of these manufacturers, Cooper Tires was recently awarded the most affordable tire brand in 2022.

    Using a tire compound with the ingredient Silica as a filler material, Cooper tires have embraced the newest innovations in the industry and have been able to provide a longer-lasting tire that has a lower rolling resistance, enhanced grip, and helps to deliver a bigger bang for your buck in the long run. The company itself has four facilities located in the United States which helps cut d

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  6. Where Can I Find Mastercraft Truck Tires For Cheap?

    Mastercraft Truck Tires For Cheap

    Mastercraft Tires offers a wide selection of truck tires for an inexpensive price. If you are looking for the cheapest price on Mastercraft truck tires, Discounted Wheel Warehouse has you covered.

    Different Types of Mastercraft Truck Tires

    Mastercraft has a truck tire for almost every occasion. It provides tires for off-road enthusiasts as well as highway drivers. Some of the truck tires also feature a subtle tread design that provides superior traction in the roadways while also delivering a quiet and smooth ride. Here is a look at some of the most popular Mastercraft Truck Tire

    Mastercraft All-Terrain Truck Tires

    The Stratus AP is one of Mastercraft´s premier all-terrain truck tires. The tire features a strong and durable tread that is able to maintain traction on and off the road. The tread design also features full-depth angled edges and deep grooves that make it more water resistant,

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  7. What Are The Best Mastercraft Tires in 2022?

    Best Mastercraft Tires

    Mastercraft Tires is a budget-friendly tire brand that is known for making high-quality tires at an affordable price. They produce tires for trucks, sports cars, SUVs, minivans, CUVs, and sedans. Even though this company produces inexpensive tires, it's able to combine premium materials and the latest technology to create a high-quality tire.

    Best Mastercraft Tires in 2022

    Mastercraft Tires has a wide variety of highly-rated tires for all occasions. If you are looking for an aggressive off-road tire, one of the more popular options is the Courser AXT2. Inside of the rugged tread are jagger cleats that provide a way for the tire to grab a hold of almost any surface. Whether you are driving through mud, snow, gravel, or dirt, the Courser AXT2 can handle rough terrains with ease.

    If you are looking for a more versatile tire that you can use on your daily commuter, the Stratus HT is an extremely

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  8. Where Can I Find Kumho All Season Tires For Cheap?

    Kumho All Season Tires

    All-season tires are a popular choice for many drivers due to their versatility. This type of tire is able to maintain traction in both cold and warm temperatures. When drivers are looking for a strong and durable all-season tire, they usually turn to Kumho Tires to get their new tire. Kumho all-season tires are made using a premium compound that allows the tread to last through many seasons.

    At Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we have a wide selection of inexpensive Kumho all-season tires. No matter what your budget is, we are sure to have a tire that will fit your needs without breaking the bank.

    Different Types of Kumho All Season Tires

    Kumho offers all-season tires for various types of passenger vehicles including luxury sedans, family sedans, sports cars, SUVs, CUVs, and light trucks.

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  9. What Are The Best Kumho Tires in 2022?

    Best Kumho Tires in 2022

    Kumho Tires has a reputation for producing some of the most durable tires on the market. If you are looking for a tire that features a heavy-duty design and long-lasting tread, then you will definitely want to check out Kumho´s lineup. At Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we have the most popular Kumho Tires that are designed to fit a variety of vehicles and perform in a wide range of conditions.

    Best Kumho Tires in 2022

    Kumho Tires makes several styles of tires for almost any occasion. Some of the tire styles that they manufacture include all-season, all-terrain, mud, truck, performance, summer, commercial, and winter tires. However, one of the most popular styles that Kumho sells is its high-performance summer and all-season tires.

    What makes Kumho the best summer tire?

    Kumho uses state-of-the-art technology when it comes to the design of their summer

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  10. Where Can I Find Ironman Truck Tires For Cheap?

    Ironman Truck Tires

    Ironman Tires is a world-renown tire manufacturer that is best known for creating inexpensive truck tires without skipping out on quality. Whether you are looking for a tire that is capable of tearing through the snow in the winter, or you want a truck tire that will provide a smooth ride on the highway, Discounted Wheel Warehouse has the right Ironman Truck Tire to fit your needs.

    Different Types of Ironman Truck Tires

    Ironman makes Truck Tires for various types of terrain. They offer commercial-grade, off-road, all-terrain, winter, touring, and all-season tires that are designed to perform well on various types of trucks and SUVs. The tires are made using a high-quality rubber compound that is resistant to daily wear.

    Can you use Ironman Truck tires year-round?

    All of the Ironman Truck Tires are all-season tires. Their design allows them to maintain traction in snowy conditions and they

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