Wheel & Tire Package

Discounted Wheel Warehouse invented the Wheel and Tire Package in 1999. We're well-known in the industry as the first and best source for tire and wheel packages, and have two decades of experience working with fitment specifics of custom rims and tires. Wheel and Tire packages simplify the wheel and tire installation process, so you can buy the exact sizes needed for your truck or passenger car. Discounted Wheel Warehouse already offers the best prices, guaranteed, on wheels and tires, and our wheel and tire package will elevate your driving experience. Simply choose the wheels you want for your vehicle, and we will suggest the tires that are a guaranteed fit. We offer free mounting and balancing from our warehouse in California, and can ship separately for enthusiasts who want their product quicker and want to install themselves.

A wide range of wheel models are available, with solutions to suit all tastes and requirements. Ion Wheels offer sleek, modern designs. Vision Wheels boast rugged durability, while American Racing Wheels exude high-performance appeal. This collection caters to a variety of driving needs. It offers options such as the aggressive traction and precision handling of Eagle F1 Supercar 3 or the all-season durability of Eagle RS - A2. Wheel and Tire Packages are the best way to find the right match for your vehicle. Want a brand or product not carried yet? Call us! While we're known to have the largest inventory of wheels online, we're constantly adding new products to give more choice to our loyal customers.

Tires are an essential part of your car, as they provide stability, traction and safety. Well-fitted and quality tires for their durability and quality. Good tires keep your drive smooth and make you feel confident in the city or on highways. You can choose from a variety of tire brands and models to match your vehicle's needs and preferences. There are many different types of tires to suit specific needs. For example, all-season models can handle diverse weather conditions as well as specialized models for certain terrains. To ensure long-lasting performance and peace of mind, invest in high-quality tires.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Upgrading your rims is the perfect time to upgrade your tires, especially if your new wheels are a different size than OEM wheels. Our wheel and tire package will ensure accurate fitment. Don't leave your style or safety to chance - let our expertise transform your experience.

Buying a Wheel and Tire package guarantees fitment for your vehicle, and services like our free mounting and balancing simplifies the installation process.

You can use the above form to fill out your vehicle details. Based off your vehicle, we will identify the optimal fitment and provide you options to find the wheels and tires perfect for your ride. If you need help, our customer service team is ready to assist.

Installation is expensive! When getting oversized rims, our free mounting and balancing will save you money instead of paying double for installation at your local tire shop.