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Best Prices on Kumho Tires

Kumho Tires have technology advanced sidewall stabilizers. High performance, low noise level, excellent lateral stability and steering response. Unique tread block phasing with tread compounding and variable grooves angle geometry.


Kumho´s all-terrain tires are designed to easily go from the road to the off-road trail while maintaining superior traction. With its rugged tread design, the all-terrain tire grabs a hold of almost any terrain to prevent slipping and sliding. The Road Venture AT51 is just one of Kumho´s premier all-terrain tire that provides unrivaled performance on and off the road. This versatile tire is able to seamlessly adapt to warm and cold conditions and is able to maintain traction on wet and snowy roadways.

All Season

The all-season tires by Kumho Tires are made from an advanced carbon compound that allows the tire to adjust to various temperatures and road conditions. Some of the most popular Kumho all season tires include Solus TA11, Solus TA71, Solus TA31, Ecsta 4X, Ecsta PA31, and the Ecsta AST. These tires are able to withstand a wide range of temperature changes and provide superior performance in the snowy conditions. At Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we carry all of Kumho´s most popular all-season tires at an affordable price.


Kumho Tire manufactures a wide range of commercial tires that are specifically designed for commercial vehicles and trailers. Whether you need an on/off road tire, a regional haul, or a long haul tire, Kumho´s commercial tires will help you get the job done. The unique tread design of the commercial tires allows them to maintain traction in all weather conditions. Also, most Kumho commercial tires are made to enhance the fuel economy rating of your commercial vehicle. These tires are made out of a durable compound that is wear resistant and designed to last for many miles.


Kumho performance tires are specially designed to deliver outstanding performance on the race track and the roadways. Every Kumho performance tire features an innovative deep-groove design that helps to eject water from the tire. This allows the tire to maintain proper traction and reduces the chance of hydroplaning on wet surfaces. All Kumho performance tires feature a short sidewall that helps to deliver outstanding performance and precise handling on sharp corners. If you are looking for a high-performance tire, Kumho manufactures the Ecsta P91, Ecsta V730, and Ecsta V720.


Kumho makes some of the most durable and high-performing truck tires on the market. The company manufactures off-road, commercial, all-season, all-terrain, and mud tires that are designed for trucks and SUVs. Every truck tire is made by using a heavy-duty compound that provides exceptional durability and longevity. Kumho truck tires feature a rugged tread that is able to crawl through mud, snow, dirt, and other rough terrains. However, even though they have an aggressive tread pattern, they are still able to provide a smooth and quiet ride on the highway.