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If you are looking for the best Dually rims for your truck?, Discounted Wheel Warehouse has just what you need. We offerr a wide range of Dually wheels a wholesale prices. We carry all of the top brands, including Fuel, Cali Off Road, ATX, Mayhem, and much more.

Pros and Con of Utilizing Dually Wheels and Rims

There are many advantages to having a vehicle that comes equipped with dual rear wheels. However, that does not mean that dual wheels are the right choice for everyone. Just like all types of wheels, there are pros and cons to owning Dually wheels.

Advantages of Dually Wheels

Pros of Dually Wheels

● Stability - The dual rear wheels improve stability and handling when towing a trailer. The extra stability is a great asset to have, especially in inclement weather and high-wind situations.

● Strength - Dually wheels are made with either steel or a strong alloy compound. The advanced sturdiness makes them the ideal wheel to use when carrying heavy cargo.

● Style - With a wide range of designs and finishes to choose from, you can use the wheels as a way to enhance your dually's appearance.

● Safety - Generally, dual wheels provide faster braking when hauling a trailer than a regular four-wheeled vehicle does. Also, if your tire has a blowout on the road, the five other dually wheels will help you maintain control so that you can safely pull off of the road.

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  1. 002 Modular Dually Front 1 item
  2. 002 Modular Dually Rear 2 items
  3. 003 Hunter Truck Dually 5 items
  4. 003 Hunter Truck Dually Front 2 items
  5. 003 Hunter Truck Dually Rear 3 items
  6. 003 Hunter Van Dually 3 items
  7. 022 Scorpion Dually Front 3 items
  8. 022 Scorpion Dually Rear 3 items
  9. 025 Phantom Dually 2 items
  10. 049 Predator Dually 1 item
  11. 049 Predator Dually Front 1 item
  12. 049 Predator Dually Rear 1 item
  13. 167MB 4 items
  14. 167P 10 items
  15. 181 Hauler Dually Front 5 items
  16. 181 Hauler Dually Rear 7 items
  17. 181 Heavy Hauler Dually Front 34 items
  18. 181 Heavy Hauler Dually Rear 29 items
  19. 401 Rival Dually Front 9 items
  20. 401 Rival Dually Inner 3 items
  21. 401 Rival Dually Rear 9 items
  22. 408 Manx 2 Dually 19 items
  23. 408 Manx 2 Dually Front 3 items
  24. 49 Predator Dually 2 items
  25. 544BM 3 items
  26. 544C 4 items
  27. 8101B Monstir Dually 6 items
  28. 8101C Monstir Dually 12 items
  29. 8101M Monstir Dually 14 items
  30. 8107D Cogent Dually 6 items
  31. 8180M Bigrig Inner 3 items
  32. 8180M Bigrig Rear 1 item
  33. 8181 Dually Front 3 items
  34. 9105 Brutal Dually Front 6 items
  35. 9105 Brutal Dually Inner 5 items
  36. 9105 Brutal Dually Rear 3 items
  37. 9105M Brutal 3 items
  38. 9110D Summit Dually Front 4 items
  39. 9115D Invader Dually Front 12 items
  40. 9115D Invader Dually Rear 16 items
  41. AO200 Baja Lite Dually 4 items
  42. AO400 Baja Dually Front 8 items
  43. AO400 Baja Dually Inner 2 items
  44. AO400 Baja Dually Rear 1 item
  45. AO401 Octane Dually 10 items
  46. AO402 Indy Dually 8 items
  47. AO403 Roulette Dually 10 items
  48. AO404 Journey Dually 14 items
  49. AO404 Journey Dually Front 2 items
  50. AO405 Trex Dually 7 items
  51. AR204 Baja Dually 11 items
  52. D20B Dually Inner 2 items
  53. D260 Maverick Dually 2 items
  54. D436 Maverick Dually 5 items
  55. D500 Dualie Inner 3 items
  56. D500 Dually Inner 16 items
  57. D513 Throttle Dually 6 items
  58. D536 Maverick 1 item
  59. D536 Maverick Dually 14 items
  60. D538 Maverick Dually 54 items
  61. D574 Cleaver Dually 18 items
  62. D581 Triton Dually 20 items
  63. D656 Triton Dually 1 item
  64. D673 Blitz 5 items
  65. D673 Blitz Dually 8 items
  66. D675 Blitz 4 items
  67. D675 Blitz Dually 3 items
  68. D693 Blitz Dually 14 items
  69. D740 Runner Dually 15 items
  70. D741 Runner Dually 19 items
  71. D742 Runner Dually 13 items
  72. DB66 FFC66 Dually Front 2 items
  73. DB66 FFC66 Dually Rear 2 items
  74. FF09D Dually 56 items
  75. FF19D Dually 42 items
  76. FF39D Dually 28 items
  77. FF66D Dually 5 items
  78. H119 Dagr 8lug 2 items
  79. H400 Dually Inner 6 items
  80. H401 Sprocket Dually Front 8 items
  81. H401 Sprocket Dually Rear 3 items
  82. H402 Diablo 8lug Dually Front 9 items
  83. H402 Diablo 8lug Dually Rear 4 items
  84. HF07 Tomahawk 8lug 2 items
  85. MO995 10 items
  86. MR901 Sprinter Dually Front 1 item
  87. MR901 Sprinter Dually Rear 1 item
  88. MR901 Transit Dually Front 1 item
  89. MR901 Transit Dually Rear 1 item
  90. XD001 Inner Rear Dually 16 items
  91. XD130 Machete Dually 14 items
  92. XD775 Rockstar Dually 3 items
  93. XD843 Grenade Dually Front 6 items
  94. XD843 Grenade Dually Rear 5 items
  95. XD845 Pike Dually Front 9 items
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Cons of Dually Wheels

● Cost - Instead of buying four wheels and tires, you will need to purchase six wheels and six tires, which is slightly more expensive.

● Fuel Economy - Dually wheels tend to add more weight to the vehicle. The added weight can mean that the vehicle is not as fuel efficient as other trucks.

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Get the Best Prices on Dually Custom Rims and Aftermarket Wheels Online

At Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we have a wide selection of dually wheels. When you buy dually rims online with us, you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality rim for the best price. If you are not sure what type of wheel that you want, you can browse our entire inventory by brand, size, and more.


What is the benefit point of Dually wheels?

Dual rear wheels help to provide more stability to heavy-duty pickup trucks.

Can you put any wheels on a Dually?

Dually trucks have different hubs and rotors. This means that they need a special type of wheel to fit on the unique hub.

Are Duallys good in mud?

Dually trucks feature four rear wheels that work together to provide better handling and traction. Because of this, Ddually trucks handle well in mud, snow, and other slippery terrains.

Are Dually trucks good?

Dually trucks are strong and powerful. They are able to tackle various terrains and haul exceptionally heavy loads.

Can you drive a Dually with 4 wheels?

Dually trucks can run on only four wheels. However, it is not recommended. Having only two tires in the back can decrease stability. It can also make the truck look slightly odd if there are only four tires on a dually.

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