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Wheel and Tire Packages at Special Prices

Wheel and Tire Packages - Discounted Wheel Warehouse


Discounted Wheel Warehouse prides itself in its Wheel and Tire Packages. Most of the time customers will be buying larger wheels then what came OEM from the factory. Discounted Wheel Warehouse, like many others combines Wheel and Tires in to one easy package. All packages come with 4 wheels, 4 tires, mounted, high speed balanced, and shipped fast to your door. We do not include lug nuts or locking lug nuts, you may purchase them for an additional $40. Just mention it in the comment section while you are checking out. All wheels come with chrome valve stems.

What comes with my Wheel and Tire Package?

4 Custom Wheels correctly fitted for your vehicle


4 Custom Wheels

4 High Performance Tires correctly plus sized to fit your vehicle Mounted and High Speed Balanced

4 Performance Tires

Shipped Fast right to your door!

Fedex Fast Shipping

Lugs and Locking Lugs are optional and are $40 additional

You may purchase lug and locking lug nuts for an additional $40 during checkout. This makes it convenient to just open the wheels and tires package and be ready to mount and start driving.

Locks and Lugs Set

We carry Complete Wheel & Tire packages, fast shipping right to your door!

All packages include: 4 wheels, 4 tires, mounted balanced shipped fast right to your door