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Lugnut Wrench Set

Mr. Lugnut Wrench Set- Most of the new design wheels come with small diameter access holes for lug nut installation and removal. This aids in theft protection and in better looks of the wheel. Regular lug wrenches will not correctly fit. That's where the Mr. Lugnut Wrench Set comes in handy. It has a 21" telescoping 1/2" drive wrench able to handle all size lug nut applications. Best of all comes with dual size Thin-Wall sockets to get into the tight access holes of newer style aftermarket wheels. With dual size Thin-Wall sockets it can fit 17mm and 19mm (3/4") lug nuts. Mr Lugnut Wrench Set comes complete with: - 21" Telescoping 1/2" Drive Lug Wrench - 3 1/2" Drive Extension - Thin-Wall Dual Socket 17mm and 19mm (3/4")