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Best Prices on Continental Tires

Check out our Continental tires for sale! Continental engineers their tires for quality and performance. Here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse, you can find the best discount prices on reliable Continental tires for your coupe, sedan, sport wagon, crossover, SUV, or pickup truck!

All-Season Tires

Our lineup includes summer and all-season high-performance Continental tires for superior wet and dry grip response, as well as passenger touring Continental tires for long mileage and a smooth, luxurious ride.

Crossover and SUV Tires

We have crossover and SUV optimized Continental tires that balance durability with ride comfort; light truck Continental tires for all-weather endurance on the highway or on dirt and gravel; and winter Continental tires for safety in snow, ice, and freezing weather in general.

Summer Tires / Winter Tires

With summer performance tires and dedicated winter tires to address a full spectrum of hot and cold seasonal temperatures, as well as long-lasting all-season tires for drivers in more modest climates, Continental engineers their tires for quality and performance.

Passenger Car Tires

Continental has a wide selection of passenger tires for your sedan, coupe, crossover or minivan. With lines like the Cross Contact, Extreme Contact, Sport Contact, Winter Contact and Continental exclusive Control Contact, Continental has a tire to meet and exceed any driving condition.

Truck Tires

With Continental truck tires, light trucks, crossovers, and SUVs can drive in any weather condition or on any terrain. For dependable traction both on and off-road, Continental has a variety of truck tire options such as the Terrain Contact, Cross Contact, Winter Contact, and the exclusive Control Contact.

Snow/Winter Tires

A high-performance winter tires with exceptional braking and strong, reliable traction on winter roads as well as quiet ride and impressive mileage. Premium winter tire for passenger cars, crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks.

Summer Tires

Continental offers a wide selection of summer tires, including the Cross Contact, Extreme Contact and Sport Contact lines, that can be fitted to any vehicle, whether it is a sedan, coupe or crossover. Continental summer tires are designed for warmer weather in both dry and wet conditions for the best performance and handling.

All-Terrain Tires

The Continental Terrain Contact line of tires can help you get through the concrete jungle or even the off-road trails, whether this is in the concrete jungle or on the off-road trails. Designed to take your light truck or SUV anywhere you need it to go, Continental all-terrain tires are built to provide you with a comfortable and confident ride on and off-road.

Performance Tires

Continental continues its rich history of performance tires, with lines such as Pure Contact, Sport Contact, Extreme Contact, and lastly Control Contact. Continental's performance tires are as impressive as they can be, with a variety of tires that deliver sporty performance, advanced handling, and confident traction.

Touring Tires

The Continental lineup of touring tires includes the Cross Contact, Pro Contact, and the exclusive Control Contact. With tire lines like these, Continental touring tires deliver a quiet ride as well as long tread life.