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Welcome to Discounted wheel Warehouse. We offer a huge selection of rims and tires to suit your needs. We carry 15 inch wheels all the way to a whopping 32 inch custom wheel. We offer quality discount tires at a price range for all. Don't miss our Closeout section as we have the best blowout deals to offer. Whether you're looking for rims or tires Discounted Wheel Warehouse has the best deal on the world wide web. We also have all the latest news and information on our Blog concerning custom wheels or car rims and all aspects of tires.

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Hot Deals Save 30%-75%
  • 17 inch Car Rims
    17 inch Only $69
  • 18 inch Chrome Rims
    18 inch Only $79
  • 20 inch Chrome Wheels
    20 inch Only $203
  • 22 inch Truck Rims
    22 inch Only $237
  • 24 inch Rims Specials
    24 inch Only $261
  • 26 inch Rims Specials
    26 inch Only $329
  • 17 inch tires
    205/50R17 $45
  • 18 inch tires
    225/40R18 $50
  • 20 inch tires
    245/35R20 $60
  • 22 inch tires
    265/35R22 $100
  • 24 inch tires
    305/35R24 $125
  • 26 inch tires
    305/35R26 $125

We offer the hassle free fitment to make things EASY

Our Wheel Fitment Specialists or Tire Fitment Specialist can get you into those aftermarket wheels or tires fast. Our staff strives on giving the best service to our customers and have 20 years experience in wheel and tire fitment. We are the absolute authority on getting you fitted with the best choice of rims or tires for your Car, Truck or SUV. We offer online fitment that is quick and painless and will show you exactly which rims or tires will fit your vehicle.

Fast Shipping plus Low already Discounted Prices

Discounted Wheel Warehouse offers Fast Shipping on all its products. Whether your looking for some good quality cheap tires or just a set of car rims. We can get them to you quickly with our Fast shipping. Our price is already heavily discounted. No need to look elsewhere Discounted Wheel Warehouse will already have the best price for any wheels or wheel and tire package your looking for.

Home of the Wheel and Tire Package

Discounted wheel Warehouse is the home of the Wheel and Tire Package. We have been offering rims combined with tires also known as the "Wheel and Tire Package" since our existence. The best way to buy wheels and tire for your Car, Truck or SUV is a Wheel and Tire Package. We correctly fit the wheels using plus sizing, then correctly fit the plus sized tires for your vehicle. Our highly trained staff mounts and Road-Force Balances the wheels and tires for you into a wheel and tire package. All the customer has to do is dismount their stock/oem wheels and mount the wheels and tires right out of the box, it's super easy.

Full Range of rims and tires for every Car, Truck or SUV

We carry rims in the following sizes: 15 inch, 16 inch, 17 inch, 18 inch, 19 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch, 26 inch, 28 inch, 30 inch and a whopping 32 inch beast of a wheel. We have custom wheels, black wheels, off road wheels, staggered fitment wheels and 3 piece wheels. Our Tires range from 13 inch all the way to 32 inch. We have name brand high quality tires like Michelin, BFGoodrich all the way to Yokohama. We also carry a vast amount of Value low cost tires also known as cheap tires. We have brands like Fullrun and Lexani for our high quality discount tires.

Useful Links for Custom Wheel Purchasing

Package Deal - This link has information about what comes with a wheel and tire package.

LOW or HIGH ? - This link is information on how to determine if you have a FWD offset or a RWD offset on your Vehicle.

Lip Sizes - Explains the difference in wheel lip sizes and what to expect when your wheel arrives.

Wheel Fitment - This link explains Plus Sizing and how we are able to properly fit your rims and tires for your vehicle.

Offset and Bolt Patterns - Reference to help aid in determining Bolt patterns and offsets for all vehicles.

Order Status - View information on the status of your order.

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