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Yokohama tires are made from superior materials and provide impressive performance. Yokohama makes summer, winter, all-season, and off-road tires that can fit almost any vehicle. Every tire provides unparalleled performance and handling. No matter what kind of tire you need, we have discounted Yokohama tires for any occasion.

Touring Tires

Yokohama´s Touring tires are made from an advanced high-performance compound. The Yokohama Avid Touring S tire has a wide tread that provides a smooth ride in both the rain and the snow. There are other Yokohama all-season Touring tires to choose from that also provide a superior amount of comfort and control.

High Performance Tires

Yokohama´s high-performance Advan tires provide precise performance. Each tire in the Advan family was specifically engineered to provide superior handling at high speeds while also providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Yokohama´s high-performance tires feature an award-winning design that delivers a type of performance that you cannot find on any other tire.

All-Season Tires

Sunshine, rain, or snow, Yokohama´s all-season tires can handle it all. There are several all-season options to choose from, including the popular Geolandar and Avid tires. With thick tread and a durable design, these all-season tires were made to last. They were also specially designed to deliver superior handling and performance in wet or dry conditions.

All-Terrain Tires

Yokohama´s all-terrain tires are able to tackle dirt roads or smooth pavement with ease. The unique composite materials and tread allow the tire to grab a hold of the road and provide maximum traction. Whether you are wanting to go on an off-road adventure, or you would rather cruise around the city, Yokohama´s all-terrain tires are ready to go.

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