Best Prices on Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires offers a balance between performance and value. For more than 70 years, Toyo Tire has delivered innovation, performance, and quality. Choose Toyo whether you are looking for replacement tires for light trucks, SUVs, high-performance cars, or luxury vehicles.

All-Season Tires

Toyo's all-season tires are built to perform in all weather conditions, including dry, wet, and light snow. The Extensa, Proxes, Open Country, and Celsius are some of Toyo's trusted lines of all-season tires available for your car, coupe, crossover, light truck, SUV, and van.

Passenger Car Tires

Toyo passenger tires provide an excellent balance of performance and economy. We have a tire to fit your sedan, coupe, crossover, or minivan, whether you prefer the versatile Open Country, the sporty Proxes, or the all-season Celsius or Extensa.

Truck Tires

Toyota's truck tires offer a variety of tread designs for light trucks and SUVs. Toyo offers a complete line of Off-Road tires designed for everything from highways to off-road terrains. With most models of the Open Country offering two sidewall designs, you can choose from conservative to sporty designs to the most aggressive details that look awesome and provide function and off-road protection.

Mud Tires

Toyo's mud-terrain tires offer exceptional traction on the most rugged terrain, with gripping power and durability to handle any off-road adventure.

Summer Tires

For dry and wet weather, Toyo summer tires are designed for warmer weather. The Toyo Proxes line of summer tires delivers responsive handling and grip in your higher horsepower sports car for traction and performance when you need it most.

All-Terrain Tires

Toyo takes all-terrain tires to the next level with an impressive lineup of extremely capable tires to get you along the trails or on the highway. The Toyo Open Country line of tires offers the versatility you want in an all-terrain tire and the durability you need. Toyo continues to impress with style and confidence on or off-road.

Performance Tires

Toyo performance tires deliver exceptional wet and dry handling for high-performance driving. Whether it is the Proxes, Open Country, Extensa, or Celsius, Toyo high-performance tires provide the confident, sporty driving experience expected from Toyo.

Competition Tires

The Proxes R compound line of DOT-approved competition tires from Toyo has been a staple on track days since the early 1990s. The Proxes R compound line from Toyo delivers pulse-pounding performance, and handling, traction that put these tires on the podium time after time.

Touring Tires

The touring tires from Toyota provide year-round performance, a quiet ride, and longer tread life. With lines like the Open Country for your light truck or SUV or the Celsius and Extensa, Whether you drive a sedan, coupe, or crossover, Toyo has a touring tire to fit your driving style and needs.


Tire Models

 1895 Celsius
Starting at 95.65
 1896 Celsius CUV
Starting at 148.00
 1897 Extensa A/S
Starting at 74.52
 1898 Extensa A/S II
Starting at 83.34
 1899 Extensa HP II
Starting at 79.82
 1900 M-55
Starting at 197.80
 1901 Open Country A/T II
Starting at 78.95
 1902 Open Country A/T II Xtreme
Starting at 282.72
 1903 Open Country A20
Starting at 170.12
 1904 Open Country CT
Starting at 228.02
 1905 Open Country H/T
Starting at 73.54
 1906 Open Country H/T II
Starting at 134.73
 1907 Open Country M/T
Starting at 290.41
 1908 Open Country Q/T
Starting at 137.65
 1909 Open Country RT
Starting at 307.10
 1911 Proxes 4 Plus
Starting at 69.65
 1912 Proxes A20
Starting at 102.00
 1913 Proxes R1R
Starting at 158.85
 1914 Proxes R888R
Starting at 103.46
 1915 Proxes RA1
Starting at 193.99
 1916 Proxes RR
Starting at 220.58
 1917 Proxes Sport
Starting at 132.16
 1918 Proxes ST
Starting at 138.79
 1919 Proxes STIII
Starting at 154.91
 1921 Versado Eco
Starting at 53.66
 1922 Versado Noir
Starting at 66.89
 6253 Celsius PCR
Starting at 136.59
 6254 Observe G3 Ice
Starting at 75.54
 6312 Proxes Sport A/S
Starting at 130.49
 6313 Proxes A27
Starting at 137.24
 6314 Open Country A/T III
Starting at 162.89
 6315 TYA36 RF
Starting at 182.44
 6316 Open Country A25A
Starting at 185.43
 6317 Open Country HTD
Starting at 225.95
 6318 Open Country SXS
Starting at 266.33
 6445 Proxes A18A
Starting at 120.83
 6446 Proxes A05B
Starting at 133.77
 6447 Transpath A14
Starting at 147.03
 6448 Proxes 4 Plus B
Starting at 153.66
 6449 Proxes R35
Starting at 157.14
 6450 Open Country A38
Starting at 169.98
 6451 Open Country A31
Starting at 181.82
 6452 Open Country A30
Starting at 193.53
 6453 Open Country A26
Starting at 194.03
 6454 Open Country A39
Starting at 246.22
 6460 Proxes T1 Sport R
Starting at 236.53
 7428 Observe GSI-5
Starting at 64.26
 7429 TYA22
Starting at 208.43
 7430 TYA23
Starting at 182.35
 7431 TYA24
Starting at 180.09
 7432 Observe GSI-6 HP
Starting at 130.56
 7433 Celsius Cargo
Starting at 134.08
 7531 Proxes A35
Starting at 156.73
 7532 Open Country R/T
Starting at 239.33
 8170 Celsius Sport
Starting at 157.69
 8171 Observe GSI-6 LS
Starting at 209.88
 8172 Open Country A/T II Extreme
Starting at 385.36