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Toyo Tire Open Country RT

Toyo Open Country RT Tires

Toyo Open Country RT Performance Ratings
Wet Braking/ Wet Traction/ Wet Performance :

Tread Life/ Mileage/ Wear :

Ride Comfort:

Quiet Ride/ Noise Comfort/ Quietness :

Winter Performance/ Snow Traction/ Snow :

Fuel Efficiency / Eco:

Toyo Open Country RT Features

Block Design Built From Legends

The aggressive outside block design is inspired by the aggressive Open Country M/T for added off-road traction. 

Alternating Shoulder Block Design

By alternating the shoulder blocks between scalloped and square increases traction ability during rugged off-road driving.

Stone And Mud Ejectors

Stone and mud ejectors help reduce the chance of stone or mud buildup in the tire grooves.

Full Lateral Grooves

The full lateral grooves help improve the evacuation and mud in off-road conditions and moisture during on road driving for better traction no matter what the road surface.

The Toyo Open Country RT is an all terrain tire that excels on or off the road. This commercial traction tire is designed for use on pickup trucks, CUVs, and SUVs. The Open Country RT combines class leading traction and on road manners into a resilient tire that is built to last.