Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires

Since 1966, Toyo Tires has been a leading name in the tire industry. Headquartered in California, this global brand is known for its commitment to excellence, cutting-edge design, and innovation. Whether you're a professional racer, an automotive enthusiast, or an everyday driver, Toyo has a premium offering to suit your needs. The brand offers a diverse product lineup catering to high-performance passenger cars, luxury vehicles, light trucks, race cars, minivans, and SUVs. With Toyo, there' bound to be s a perfect tire for every vehicle type. Whether you require tires for navigating winter snow and ice or seek all-season versatility, Toyo has the ideal solution. When it comes to purchasing new tires, Toyo stands as a brand you can trust for unrivaled quality and reliability.

All-Season Tires

Toyo All-Season Tires

Need tires that perform year-round? Toyo all-season tires excel in all weather conditions. Models like the Celsius provide superior traction on dry, wet, and snowy roads. Plus, the Extensa HP II delivers a comfortable ride and year-round grip. For trucks and SUVs, the M-55 and Open Country A/T II offer rugged construction. Get a set of Toyo all-season tires today.

All-Terrain Tires

Toyo All-Terrain Tires

Ready to tackle any terrain? Toyo's tough all-terrain tires are up for the challenge. The M-55 boasts an aggressive tread pattern for excellent off-road traction in mud, rocks, and sand. The Open Country CT grips strongly on unpaved paths, while the Open Country R/T Trail combines off-road capability with on-road performance. These rugged tires are perfect for trucks and SUVs on any adventure.


Toyo ATV/UTV Tires

Tackle rugged terrain in your ATV or UTV with Toyo's durable Open Country S×S tires. Their aggressive mud-terrain design forcefully clears away debris while the shoulder blocks maximize grip over soft soil. Built tough with rugged casings and thick lugs, these tires power through extreme off-road environments without letting mud or rocks slow you down.

Car Tires

Toyo Car Tires

Toyo offers a wide selection of passenger car tires to meet any need. The Celsius and Extensa HP II provide all-season traction and comfort, while the Observe G3 Ice maximizes winter grip. The Proxes R1R unlocks track-ready performance, and the Open Country blends off-road prowess with on-road composure for adventurous drivers. No matter the car or conditions, these Toyo Passenger car tires keep you in control.

Competition Tires

Toyo Competition Tires

Dominate the track with Toyo's special competition tires designed for racing! The renowned Proxes R888R helps race cars achieve super-fast speeds around oval tracks, while the Proxes RA1 tire excels in autocross races with tight turns, gripping the road nicely through sharp corners. With Toyo's competition tires, you can push the limits and win your race in any competition.

Highway Tires

Toyo Highway Tires

Stay confident and comfortable during long highway miles with Toyo's highway tires. Models like the Celsius, Extensa HP II, and Proxes Sport A/S ensure responsive handling and a quiet ride for sedans and coupes. The rugged Open Country A/T II equips trucks and SUVs for occasional off-roading, while the H08+ delivers reliable all-season traction. These versatile highway tires promote safety and durability.

Mud-Terrain Tires

Toyo Mud-Terrain Tires

Navigate muddy roads and paths with ease using Toyo mud-terrain tires. Toyo offers a wide selection of mud-terrain Tires to suit your needs. The Open Country M/T features large tread blocks for tackling thick mud, while the Open Country S/S is designed specifically for ATVs and UTVs to handle muddy trails. Explore our range of Toyo mud-terrain Tires and shop today.

Offroad Tires

Toyo Offroad Tires

Conquer dirt trails with confidence using Toyo's Off-road Tires for your Truck or SUV. The rugged M-55 features an aggressive tread design to pass through mud and rocky terrain, while the Open Country A/T II tackles moderate off-road conditions without compromising on-road manners. The Open Country CT delivers exceptional grip over unpaved paths and loose surfaces, ensuring your off-road journey continues uninterrupted.

Performance Tires

Toyo Performance Tires

Maximize your vehicle's performance with Toyo's range of performance tires. The Celsius Sport delivers responsive handling and tough grip in wet or dry conditions, while the Extensa HP II promotes a crisp steering feel whether on the street or track. Both the Proxes R1R and Proxes A27 maximize dry traction for ultra-high-performance driving. With advanced compounds and designs, these tires unlock your vehicle's full potential.

Rugged Terrain Tires

Toyo Rugged Terrain Tires

Are you going on extreme off-road adventures? You need Toyo's Rugged Tires. Explore their top-notch selection including Toyo's Open Country R/T Trail. It provides super rugged tread that can go over rocks, grooves, and loose dirt with ease. These are the toughest tire for any off-road journey. Further, it helps you to when off-roading gets really difficult and extreme. Shop Toyo Latest models of rugged tires at much better prices.

Runflat Tires

Toyo Runflat Tires

Don't let a flat tire ruin your day! Toyo run flat tires let you keep driving even after a puncture. With Toyo TYA36 RF run flat tires, you can continue driving even after a complete loss of air pressure. Their reinforced sidewall designs support the weight of the vehicle, offering peace of mind on the road.

Summer Tires

Toyo Summer Tires

When it's warm out, equip your performance car with Toyo's summer tires. Models like the Proxes R1R offer exceptional dry grip and precise handling for sports and compact cars. For high speeds and great handling, the Proxes Sport delivers responsive performance for sport sedans and coupes. With specialized tread compounds and designs, Toyo summer tires maximize traction and control in hot, dry conditions. Make your summer cool with our huge selection of Toyo summer tires.

SUV Tires

Toyo SUV Tires

From daily commutes to family road trips, Toyo SUV tires ensure your crossover or SUV is ready for any journey. The Celsius and Celsius CUV combine all-season capabilities with long treadwear, while the Extensa HP II promotes sharp handling. The Observe G3 Ice and GSi-6 provide enhanced winter traction, and the rugged Open Country CT delivers exceptional grip on any mud and rock environment.

Touring Tires

Toyo Touring Tires

Enjoy a relaxed road trip with Toyo's capable touring tires. The Celsius II and Open Country provide a quiet, comfortable ride for sedans and SUVs, while the TYA23 offers sharp handling with all-season traction. The TYA36 RF's reinforced sidewall design supports continued mobility after a flat, blending performance with ride quality.

Trailer Tires

Toyo Trailer Tires

Keep your trailer safe and stable with Toyo's reliable trailer tires. The Celcius Cargo features a durable outer covering to prevent bumps and hits, while the H08+ promotes even treadwear to maximize trailer tire life. With reinforced sidewall constructions, these tires provide the confidence to carry heavy loads over any distance. Explore our extensive selection of Trailer Tires at discounted deals.

Truck Tires

Toyo Truck Tires

Whether carrying heavy loads or handling tough jobsites, Toyo's truck tires are ready to work hard. The Celcius Cargo and H08+ ensure reliable service for commercial rigs, while the aggressive M-55 and Open Country models conquer off-road trails. The Proxes STIII maximizes traction for sporty trucks, and the Observe G3 Ice promotes winter mobility. These proven tires help trucks get the job done.

Winter/Snow Tires

Toyo Winter/Snow Tires

Don't let the winter slow you down with Toyo snow tires. Winter tire models like the Celsius feature a special cold-weather compound and tread design for reliable winter performance. For true ice traction, the Observe G3 Ice features a micro-studded tread to grip slippery ice patches. The Open Country WLT1 provides the winter grip you need for trucks and SUVs. Explore our catalog of Toyo snow tires and shop at discounted prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Toyo Tires are highly regarded for their quality and performance. Crafted with advanced tire technologies and sturdy construction, they offer excellent durability and performance. Toyo rigorously tests and engineers their tires to meet stringent standards, earning them praise from automotive experts and enthusiasts alike.

The lifespan of Toyo Tires largely depends on proper care and maintenance. Many Toyo tire models come with treadwear warranties of 60,000 miles or more, providing added confidence in their longevity. With regular inflation and rotation, quality Toyo tires can easily last 4-5 years of normal driving without needing replacement.

For unbeatable prices on top-notch Toyo Tires, Discounted Wheel Warehouse is your go-to destination. Our experts handle mounting, balancing, and installation to ensure peak performance from day one. Plus, we offer fast shipping across the US, delivering convenience and quality right to your doorstep.

Absolutely, Toyo Tires are synonymous with exceptional quality. Utilizing advanced compounding, construction, and tread designs, Toyo tires offer durability, wear resistance, ride comfort, and all-season capabilities. With a diverse product lineup engineered to meet the highest standards, Toyo is trusted by automotive experts worldwide.

Toyo Tires are manufactured by the Toyo Tire Corporation, headquartered in Japan. Since 1966, they have been an independent tire manufacturer, with multiple production facilities worldwide. Notably, they have a significant factory in Georgia, USA, producing many tires for the North American market.

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