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Hankook Tire Winter iPike LT RW09

Hankook Winter iPike LT RW09 Tires

Hankook Winter iPike LT RW09 Features

3D Groove

Apply 3D groove to make snow and water flow fluent in the center groove and improve performance in the snow and wet

Wide Lateral Groove

Wide lateral groove Maximize snow traction performance

Assistant Sipes

Maximize snow traction

Ice Edge

Adopt slit in the center groove to maximize ice braking performance

The Winter iPike LT RW09 by Hankook is a premium winter tire developed for use on light trucks, vans, and SUVs. This resilient tire is branded with a Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol, ensuring optimal performance during intense winter settings. For a powerful winter tire with exceptional traction and performance capabilities, look no further than the Winter iPike LT RW09.

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