GFG Wheels



GFG Wheels and GFG Rims at Wholesale Prices


GFG Wheels and GFG Rims at wholesale prices. Discounted Wheel Warehouse is proud to offer true Italian styling from GFG wheels. Known throughout the industry for precision, superb metallurgy, and just the very best Italian custom wheels manufacturer in the world. GFG rims, at wholesale prices. Sizes from 17 inches all the way up to a whopping 26 inches of full custom wheels chrome! GFG wheels are true classics with quality and craftsmanship unmatched in the custom wheels industry. We have 2 full pages of GFG wheels styles to chose from. Custom wheels at wholesale prices, with the one price to your door strategy, Choose GFG wheels and choose Discounted Wheel Warehouse. All GFG Wheels are true 3-piece wheels and are constructed utilizing high-quality spun forged inner and outer rim halves. Centers are precisely machined using the latest in CNC machining processes and are manufactured from rotary-forged, 6061 heat-treated aluminum. These high-quality materials and manufacturing processes are brought together under the watchful eye of veteran engineers to produce the finest quality road wheels available.