Michelin Tires

Michelin Tires

Michelin has been a leading tire maker since 1889, creating innovations such as the first removable tire and the radial tire. Discounted Wheel Warehouse offers a massive selection of Michelin tires. Shop for Michelin tires for every season, winter tires, and tires for trucks. Find the Michelin tire you need at great prices, all in one place.

All-Season Tires

Michelin All-Season Tires

Michelin offers a range of all-season tires engineered for different weather conditions. We carry the Michelin Premier A/S, CrossClimate2, and Defender lines — all known for outstanding year-round traction. Built to last for years, Michelin all-season tires provide excellent performance in dry, wet, and light snowy roads. With Michelin tires, expect a smooth and comfortable ride throughout the year.

All-Terrain Tires

Michelin All-Terrain Tires

For going off the beaten path, check out Michelin's all-terrain tires. These tires feature an aggressive tread pattern, deep grooves, and rugged shoulder blocks. These features make them great for muddy roads and rough terrain. But don’t let the name fool you. Michelin all-terrain tires are just as capable on the highway, providing a smooth and quiet ride. With Michelin all-terrain tires, you get the best of both worlds — durability off-road and comfort on highways.

Car Tires

Michelin Car Tires

Searching for new tires for your car? Explore Michelin's passenger car tires. These tires are designed to enhance your driving experience, whether you're commuting or traveling. With Michelin passenger tires, you’re getting a smooth ride and reliable performance up to their legal wear limit.

Competition Tires

Michelin Competition Tires

On the racetrack, every second matters. Michelin competition tires deliver the performance you need to win. These tires feature super-soft compounds and tread patterns to maximize grip and traction. If you need tires to turn tight corners and handle blazing speeds, look no further. Michelin competition tires will help you achieve faster lap times.

Highway Tires

Michelin Highway Tires

Michelin's highway tires are made to last and use less fuel on long trips. They're strong, so they wear down evenly and last longer. Michelin highway tires are also designed to save more fuel over long distances. Simply put, these tires make sure your ride is smooth on highways and interstates.

Offroad Tires

Michelin Offroad Tires


Performance Tires

Michelin Performance Tires

For serious driving excitement, get Michelin's legendary performance tires. Built for extreme levels of dry and wet grip. Michelin performance tires provide unparalleled grip in both dry and wet conditions and offer razor-sharp steering. Whether you’re on winding roads or on the track, these tires let you push your performance car to the limit.

Runflat Tires

Michelin Runflat Tires

For peace of mind, choose Michelin's runflat tires. Their strong sides hold up the car, even if you get a flat. This means you can safely stop and change the tire. Plus, you can drive a little further with a punctured tire. Get safety and reliability you can trust with Michelin runflat tires.

Summer Tires

Michelin Summer Tires

Need tires for driving in warm conditions? Check Michelin's range of summer tires. Michelin summer tires are built for cars, SUVs, and vans, enhancing your drive whether you're heading to work or on a trip. Michelin's latest summer tires promise top-notch performance right up to their legal wear limit, ensuring your safety and control during the warm months. Discover the perfect set for you.

SUV Tires

Michelin SUV Tires

Michelin's SUV tires are built to support the weight of SUVs and crossovers. However, these tires don’t sacrifice handling and tread life. Ideal for regular roads and mild off-road use, Michelin SUV tires provide a fun and dependable driving experience. Bottom line? These are flexible and durable tires made for today's versatile SUVs. Get yours at Discounted Wheel Warehouse today.

Touring Tires

Michelin Touring Tires

Michelin touring tires combine comfort and reliability for all-season driving. With their durable tread and low rolling resistance, these touring tires are perfect for everyday driving. They can handle bumps and provide great traction in different road conditions. Find the perfect set at Discounted Wheel Warehouse.

Truck Tires

Michelin Truck Tires

Michelin truck tires are built for the demands of heavy-duty vehicles. Durable tread compounds prevent cuts and chips, while reinforced internal construction guarantees heavy load support. Get your set of Michelin truck tires today at Discounted Wheel Warehouse.

Winter/Snow Tires

Michelin Winter/Snow Tires

Safety is critical when driving in winter. Michelin snow tires are built to help you drive through snowy and icy roads with confidence. Featuring special tread compounds and patterns, Michelin snow tires deliver great stopping and braking performance. Explore Discounted Wheel Warehouse's range of Michelin snow tires today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Michelin, a French company, makes tires in many countries including France, the USA, Germany, the UK, Canada, Brazil, and more. The brand manufactures tires for all kinds of vehicles and distributes them around the world. Where a Michelin tire is made depends on what type of tire it is and where it's going to be sold.

For unbeatable prices on premium Michelin tires, Discounted Wheel Warehouse is matchless. Our experts will mount, balance, and install your new tires. We,re here to ensure peak performance from day one. We also offer fast shipping for each purchase.

Yes, the Michelin Defender line of tires delivers excellent performance and a long lifespan. They use Michelin's MaxTouch construction for better grip. The IntelliSipe technology gives excellent grip in wet conditions. After all, Defender tires also have a special internal structure. Thus, it keeps them cool and helps them last longer.

Michelin tires have a reputation for their long tread life. Most Michelin passenger car and truck tires carry treadwear warranties, with life spans ranging from 50,000 to 90,000 miles or 10 years.

There is no single best Michelin tire, as it depends on your specific vehicle and driving needs. Some top models include the Defender and Premier A/S series all-season driving. For trucks/SUVs, the Michelin LTX line is a popular choice among drivers. Ultimately, the best set of tires depends on your needs. If you are unsure what to get, speak with one of our customer service representatives at Discounted Wheel Warehouse.

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