Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect Best

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$254.04 - $958.23

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Tire Features


Tire Sizes

Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
255/40R17 98Y BSW
215/45R17 91Y BSW
225/45R17 94Y BSW
205/50R17 93(Y) BSW
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
245/40R18 97(Y) BSW
275/35R18 99(Y) BSW
205/40R18 86(Y) BSW
265/35R18 97Y BSW
295/30R18 98Y BSW
225/45R18 95(Y) BSW
215/40R18 89(Y) BSW
285/30R18 97(Y) BSW
245/35R18 92(Y) BSW
225/40R18 92Y BSW
235/40R18 95Y BSW
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
275/35R19 100(Y) BSW
265/35R19 98Y BSW
225/40R19 93(Y) BSW
235/35R19 91(Y) BSW
265/30R19 93Y BSW
245/35R19 93(Y) BSW
245/40R19 98(Y) BSW
285/35R19 103Y BSW
235/40R19 96(Y) BSW
345/30R19 109Y BSW
235/35R19 91Y BSW
305/30R19 102(Y) BSW
265/40R19 102(Y) BSW
325/30R19 105(Y) BSW
265/35R19 98(Y) BSW
305/30R19 102Y BSW
295/30R19 100(Y) BSW
255/35R19 96Y BSW
245/30R19 89(Y) BSW
225/35R19 88(Y) BSW
255/30R19 91(Y) BSW
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
245/35R20 95Y BSW
285/35R20 104Y BSW
255/40R20 101(Y) BSW
345/30R20 106Y BSW
265/30R20 94(Y) BSW
295/30R20 101Y BSW
275/35R20 102(Y) BSW
245/30R20 90Y BSW
305/30R20 103(Y) BSW
305/30R20 103Y BSW
325/25R20 101(Y) BSW
295/30R20 101(Y) BSW
255/35R20 97(Y) BSW
285/30R20 99(Y) BSW
265/35R20 99(Y) BSW
235/35R20 92(Y) BSW
285/30R20 99Y BSW
245/30R20 90(Y) BSW
295/35R20 105(Y) BSW
245/35R20 95(Y) BSW
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
335/30R21 109(Y) BSW
315/30R21 105(Y) BSW
325/30R21 108Y BSW
325/30R21 108(Y) BSW
305/30R21 104(Y) BSW
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