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Kumho Tire Ecsta XS KU36

Kumho Ecsta XS KU36 Tires

Kumho Ecsta XS KU36 Features

Cross grooves

Cross grooves and two circumferential groves express active running performance and optimize hydroplaning

Solid centre rib

Solid centre rib provide steering response & steering stability

Rib and shoulder block combination

Rib and shoulder block combination provide larger footprint for improved lateral loads

The Kumho Ecsta XS KU36 is an all season, extreme performance tire that excels on the racetrack or the street! This sporty tire is legal for use in SCCA 'ST' class events and provides swift autocross warm-up as well as maximum race durability. The Ecsta XS KU36 offers class leading steering while accelerating, on wet road surfaces, or on dry pavement.

Available Sizes

Part No Tire Size Speed Rating Load Rating Price
NTFG-KUMHO-2106553 225/45R18 W 95 $245.66