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Ballistic Wheels 963 Gladiator 20x10 Gloss Black with Red Milled Windows 6x135/6x139.7 -19mm 106.1mm

Brand: Ballistic

Model: 963 Gladiator

Size :

Finish: Gloss Black with Red Milled Windows

HubBore : 106.1

Sku : 963200267-19GBXRD

Ballistic Off-Road custom wheels feature robust, cutting-edge designs and superb craftsmanship at excellent prices. Designed for top performance on today's off-road vehicles, these durable aftermarket rims are engineered with sturdy construction to handle all types of terrain. Exuding sheer power and stylish aesthetics, Ballistic Off-Road wheels combine slick black finishes with machined or milled accents to add a sharp, modern look to any truck, Jeep, or SUV!
More Information
Wheel Brand Ballistic
Wheel Model 963 Gladiator
Finish Gloss Black with Red Milled Windows
Wheel Diameter 20