FWD or RWD which do I have?

High or Low? Which do I have?


High - Front Wheel Drive


Examples of High Offset Wheels

Low - Rear Wheel Drive

FWD wheels

Examples of Low Offset Wheels

For simplicity the Wheel Industry started High and Low

Now High and Low are one of the most confusing terms when buying a new set of Custom Wheels. All High(Front Wheel Drive) and Low(Rear Wheel Drive) is referring to is the OFFSET of the wheel. It does not matter which wheels propel the vehicle, or if the vehicle is Jet-Powered a vehicle still has an Offset, either High Offset or Low Offset. The reason they classified them as High or Low is because all Front Wheel Drive cars at the time had a +40 Offset, and the Low ones had the +0 to +20 Offsets. So it was very easy to say this is a Low or High Wheel. Today many cars have High Offsets yet are powered by the Rear Wheels, so that is where the confusion lies.

Why are you showing me High Wheels? My Car/Truck is Low!

As stated above High and Low are terms used for the OFFSET of the a wheel, it has nothing to do with which wheels propel the vehicle. Many Low vehicles have High OFFSET Wheels, its becoming more and more popular with the Vehicle Manufacturers.

We are showing you High Wheels because your Vehicle has a High OFFSET, it does not matter if the Rear Wheels are the ones that propel the vehicle, you have High OFFSET Wheels, that is why we are showing them in the search results for your vehicle.

What is High and Low High is a High Positive Offset Wheel typically +35 to +45 Offset Low is a Negative or Zero Offset Wheel typically +0 to +20 Offset

Offset is a measurement for where the mounting of the wheel will be in reference to the outer or inner edge of the wheel. As see bellow in the diagram a High wheel is mounted at the outside of the wheel(Flush), where as a Low wheel is mounted in the center or all the way in, thus making the wheels stick out a bit.

Over simplified - but too the basics!

Bellow is a High OFFSET Wheel, it can go on a vehicle that is propelled by the Front or Rear Wheels, this all depends on the vehicle manufacturer specifications. Again it does not matter if your car is Low if your vehicle requires a High OFFSET Wheel then that is why we are showing you a High OFFSET Wheel.

Bellow is an extreme example of a Low OFFSET Wheel. Its mounting position is very deep inside the Wheel this is a example of how a Low OFFSET Wheel looks.

The Bottom Line!

We determine fitment for you, there is no need to try and figure everything out, its very easy. All you need to do is input your Vehicle into our Vehicle Search and select a Wheel and Tire Package. We determine everything long before we would even consider charging your credit card.

We ship out hundreds of sets of wheels a month, our highly trained staff will make sure 100% that these Custom Wheels will fit your vehicle 100%. We Guarantee Fitment, we can not risk sending out wheels that do not fit, because of the high charges involved with shipping. We need to get it right the first time, and we do. So input your vehicle information bellow and choose a style that you like and don't worry!

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