Trail Guide Tires

Trail Guide Tires

Trail Guide tires are quality North American-made tires that provide the perfect combination of performance, value, and versatility for truck and SUV drivers. Offered by TBC Brands, the leader in private label tires, they come in an all-terrain design, fitted with an aggressive tread pattern that ensures highway and wet-drive stays, all while providing mild off-road adventures. Enjoy all of it at affordable costs, with no discomfort on the roads. Check out the wide range of Trail Guide tires available below for your truck or SUV and get the best value for your money.

All-Season Tires

Trail Guide All-Season Tires

Looking for tires that you can confidently expose to any weather elements and types of terrain? Trail Guide’s All-Season Tires, such as the All Terrain and HLT, have got you covered. Their suitability extends to a wide range of vehicles, including lightweight and heavy trucks and SUVs. The tires’ distinguishable tread features ensure extra grip on dry, wet, and light snow-covered surfaces. Reinforced construction with durable compounds ensures excellent ride quality.

All-Terrain Tires

Trail Guide All-Terrain Tires

If you love off-road, how about having a set of tires that can cruise through all terrains? Consider investing in a Trail Guide’s All-Terrain Tires-Off-Ring. Given the aggressive tire pattern and sidewalls, the tires maintain traction and withstand rocky, muddy, and sandy terrains and punctures. As such, since the Trail guide all-season tires are designed for trucks and off-road vehicles, they feature strength and handling, promoting safe driving.

Highway Tires

Trail Guide Highway Tires

If you mainly travel on surfaced roads but also like to explore off-road routes from time to time, look no further than HLT Trail Guide highway tires. They are designed to deliver perfect on-road characteristics; your ride will be comfortable and gentle due to greater fuel efficiency and longer use of treads. Yet, the patterns of these tires enable you to safely handle light off-road paths along your way.

Offroad Tires

Trail Guide Offroad Tires

Looking for tires that can provide stability on the most diverse surfaces, you should consider Trail Guide’s Off-Road Tires. These products feature aggressive or semi-aggressive tread designs, extra-strong sidewalls, and specialized compounds. As a result, drivers receive the ultimate combination of grip on wet and dry rock, mud, and sand, durability, and puncture resistance. Plus, they design the tires for use on trucks and SUV models.

SUV Tires

Trail Guide SUV Tires

If you are searching for tires that can help you meet your SUV’s diverse needs, Trail Guide’s SUV Tires are an ideal pick for you. The All Terrain and HLT models are designed to take your driving experience to the next level. Trail Guide SUV Tires incorporate the latest technology to develop an innovative tire with an advanced tread pattern, and reinforced construction guarantees a comfortable ride.

Truck Tires

Trail Guide Truck Tires

Looking for tires that can keep up with the demands of your hardworking truck? Look no further than Trail Guide truck tires, such as All Terrain and HLT. These tires are designed with durable construction, heavy-duty sidewalls, and optimal tread for maximum traction. From dangerous construction sites to the off-road experience, your journey will be safer with the help of Truck Tires by Trail Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trail Guide tires are all-terrain, which means that they combine on-road convenience and off-road assistance. It can bear lightweight off-road surroundings like dirt roads, gravel paths, infrequent mud, and snow. However, for serious off-roading, a dedicated mud-terrain or all-terrain tire with a more aggressive tread pattern would be a better choice.

Many elements determine the durability of Trail Guide tires. It includes the driving style, the load you carry, inflation pressure, and road quality. Nevertheless, you should expect 30,000–40,000 miles to cover you if you treat them properly.

Trail Guide tires probably have an L or M rating, about 75 and 81mph, respectively, as average all-terrain tires feature a speed rating appropriate to most truck and SUV designs. It’s vital to observe the speed rating of your tires and not surpass it for protection.

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