Lexani LX-Twenty Best

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$77.99 - $591.96
Tire Features
20,000 Mileage Warranty
20,000 Mileage Warranty


The LX-Twenty features a directional, asymmetric tread pattern that promotes swift water evacuation and powerful dry traction. Independent tread blocks are coupled with micro grooves to maintain consistent road contact and grip. This tire is equipped with an array of four, circumferential grooves that bolster handling on wet roads as well as to combat hydroplaning risks. Small, lateral grooves furnish the tread and amplify traction while also minimizing braking distances. Internally, the LX-Twenty is equipped with a nylon, spiral wrap that reinforces driving strength and durability.

Tire Sizes
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
275/55R17 109V BSW
225/45R17 94W BSW
245/40R17 95W BSW
235/50R17 100W BSW
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
225/45R18 95W BSW
255/40R18 99W BSW
285/35R18 101W BSW
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
235/50R19 103V BSW
255/45R19 104Y BSW
245/45R19 102Y BSW
225/55R19 103V BSW
285/40R19 103Y BSW
255/50R19 703W BSW
225/45R19 96W BSW
255/40R19 100W BSW
255/60R19 109H BSW
275/45R19 108V BSW
235/40R19 96W BSW
275/40R19 105W BSW
245/40R19 98W BSW
265/35R19 97W BSW
245/35R19 97W BSW
235/55R19 105W BSW
235/35R19 91W BSW
275/35R19 100W BSW
225/35R19 88W BSW
225/40R19 93W BSW
255/35R19 96W BSW
275/30R19 96W BSW
265/30R19 93W BSW
255/30R19 91W BSW
255/55R19 111V BSW
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
335/30R20 108Y BSW
275/40R20 106W BSW
265/45R20 104W BSW
285/35R20 104Y BSW
255/45R20 105W BSW
245/45R20 103W BSW
255/40R20 101W BSW
295/35R20 105Y BSW
235/35R20 92W BSW
255/35R20 97W BSW
245/50R20 102W BSW
265/30R20 94Y BSW
225/30R20 85W BSW
245/40R20 99W BSW
345/25R20 100Y BSW
275/35R20 102W BSW
245/35R20 95W BSW
225/35R20 93W BSW
255/30R20 92W BSW
305/30R20 103Y BSW
285/30R20 99W BSW
275/30R20 97W BSW
215/30R20 82W BSW
245/30R20 97W BSW
325/25R20 101Y BSW
265/40R20 104Y BSW
285/25R20 93W BSW
235/30R20 88W BSW
305/25R20 97W BSW
295/25R20 95W BSW
215/35R20 86W BSW
235/50R20 104Y BSW
235/45R20 100H BSW
325/35R20 108Y BSW
295/30R20 101Y BSW
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
245/40R21 100Y BSW
295/40R21 111V BSW
295/35R21 107V BSW
255/40R21 102Y BSW
255/30R21 93W BSW
265/40R21 105Y BSW
245/35R21 96W BSW
285/30R21 100W BSW
275/30R21 98Y BSW
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
305/25R22 103Y BSW
315/25R22 101W BSW
285/40R22 110V BSW
285/35R22 106W BSW
235/30R22 90W BSW
285/25R22 95W BSW
265/40R22 106W BSW
275/40R22 108Y BSW
245/30R22 95W BSW
225/30R22 89W BSW
305/30R22 105Y BSW
255/30R22 95W BSW
325/35R22 114Y BSW
305/35R22 110W BSW
265/30R22 97W BSW
295/25R22 97W BSW
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
295/25R24 102W BSW
255/25R24 95W BSW
405/25R24 116W BSW
275/35R24 106W BSW
255/30R24 97W BSW
295/30R24 109W BSW
275/23R24 96W BSW
295/23R24 102W BSW
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
295/25R26 102W BSW
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
315/30R30 114V BSW
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