Lexani Tires

Lexani Tires

Since 2001, Lexani Tires has been born with the vision to create the ideal combination of performance, safety, and style. With such a deep philosophy, they have become a global tycoon with decades of experience and a dedication to excellence. Mile after mile, to road, is a journey worth of tales, and the brand prides itself on the original and modern design of the performance, all-season, all-terrain, mud, and off-road tires. From conquering off-road terrains and navigating wet surfaces to cruising on main highways, Lexani Tires offers premium-grade products that deliver a smooth, safe, and exceptional driving experience. Choose Lexani Tires for the ultimate driving adventure, where luxury meets performance. Discounted Wheel Warehouse offers a wide variety of choices and great discounts.

All-Season Tires

Lexani All-Season Tires

Do you need all-season tires that work in various road conditions throughout the year? Consider Lexani All-Season tires, which include the LXHT-206, RFX, and Terrain Beast. Their advanced tread compounds and patterns will offer resistance to slipping and sliding whether you are driving on dry, wet, or light snow-covered terrain. These tires are perfect for modern passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks because they are smooth and comfortable to drive.

All-Terrain Tires

Lexani All-Terrain Tires

Are you an adventurer looking for some tires to use on-road and off-road? Lexani All-Terrain tires, such as Terrain Beast AT, are the perfect tires for you. They are designed with aggressive treads and strong materials to provide excellent traction and durability. These tires are suitable for SUVs, pickups, and off-road riders. You can have high speeds on highways and in rough dirt with better puncture resistance and lifelong treads.

Car Tires

Lexani Car Tires

Make your driving better by choosing Lexani Car tires, for example, LX and RFX, which are made of highly durable compounds and tread patterns to balance performance, comfort, and safety. If you want to improve the handling, traction, or quality of your ride, this type of tire is a great investment to enjoy driving to work or on weekends. Take a look at the latest models of Lexani car tires.

Highway Tires

Lexani Highway Tires

Preparing for long travels? Lexani LXHT-206 tires provide more comfortable performance, vehicle stability, and a stress-free driving experience. An optimized tread pattern and treadwear indicators allow for maximizing its tread life, ensuring excellent fuel efficiency and reliable performance. The strengthened construction guarantees its increased durability and a sweet ride on an SUV, pickup, or commercial van. See below our complete selection of Lexani highway tires and pick our ideal tires.

Offroad Tires

Lexani Offroad Tires

The experience of driving through an array of off-road terrain can be enhanced with the Lexani Terrain Beast Off-Road tire. This tire is designed with perfect aggressive tread patterns, strong construction, and compound. These features make them extremely adhesive, puncture-resistant, and durable on rocks, mud, loose soil, and all terrains. For those who love off-road and adventure, Terrain Beast is the real tire to have on your vehicles. See below our complete Lexani off-road tire range.

Performance Tires

Lexani Performance Tires

Unlock your vehicle’s full potential with Lexani Performance tires like the LXHT-206, LX, and RFX. Engineered with premium high-grip compounds and precision tread patterns, these tires deliver top-notch handling, stability in the corners, and responsive agility. Whether you’re navigating streets with endless curves or pushing your vehicle to its maximum speed, Lexani Performance tires ensure the confidence and control to have fun. Check out our full range of Lexani performance tires.

Runflat Tires

Lexani Runflat Tires

Do you always have to deal with the troubles of flat tires on the roadside? Look no further than Lexani Runflat Tires, like the RFX PLUS RFT. Its reinforced sidewalls offer superb performance that helps you keep driving even after a puncture or rapid air loss. Lexani Runflat’s innovative tires provide better handling, stability, and control. Generally, this is an ideal set of tires for your regular sedan, coupe, and SUV.

SUV Tires

Lexani SUV Tires

Drive confidently with our Lexani SUV tires, LX, RFX, and Terrain Beast. Having been specially designed for full-size SUVs and crossovers, our tires ensure perfect traction, unmatched handling, and high durability, no matter the surface. Whether driving on a highway, dirt road, or light off-road trail, Lexani tires are a perfect option. Thanks to the optimized pattern and special design, your ride will be smooth, and your adventure will be limitless.

Touring Tires

Lexani Touring Tires

If you want a smooth ride for your daily commute, the Lexani LXTR-203 Touring Tire is the best choice. It delivers a better ride, a longer wear life, and excellent handling. The optimized tread design and advanced compound of this tire give reliable traction with reduced road noise and vibration in both wet and dry surface conditions. You can take off for a long journey on an open road with passenger cars and crossovers.

Truck Tires

Lexani Truck Tires

Lexani Truck tires represent models like the LXHT-206 and Terrain Beast, designed to resist the hardest workloads and harshest conditions. The reinforced carcass, specific complex belt, deep and aggressive tread pattern, and sophisticated compound provide better grip and bigger load support capacity when transporting some loads and moving around the construction. Lexani truck tires are reliable and safe, and they provide a long life span for all types of pickups and other commercial transport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lexani tires are cheap, and their price is competitive because Lexani makes them efficiently and brings them to stores quickly. They don’t spend extra money using resources efficiently, and keep extra expenses low so they can sell tires for a good price. Moreover, you can visit Discounted Wheel Warehouse for the latest selection of Lexani tires at affordable prices and fast shipping.

The lifetime of Lexani tires depends on driving habits, vehicle type, and tire maintenance. Normally, they can last from 40,000 to 60,000 miles, or 3 to 5 years, with proper care and rotation. This result is approximate for many reputable brands.

Yes, Lexani Tire makes quality tires. The company employs quality construction and high-performance manufacturing processes. Since it uses an advanced compound formulation, its tires are durable and resilient to ensure traction and ability. They undergo stringent testing and quality control measures to meet industry standards.

Lexani Tires are manufactured by Lexani Tire Group in Florida, the United States, the Atlanta States, California, Texas, and China. Therefore, Lexani owns and operates its brand, but the tires are fabricated at different modern facilities.

The maximum safe speed on Lexani tires primarily depends on the tire design, size, and speed rating. Most Lexani tires are suitable for highway driving and high performance. There are several speed rating options for Lexani tires, from S grade, 112 mph, to Y, 186 mph. The driver should always look at the tire sidewall list and vehicle manual, but generally, they should not push their car past 100–105 mph.

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