Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 H452 Best

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$105.02 - $393.99
Tire Features
40,000 Mileage Warranty
40,000 Mileage Warranty


The Ventus S1 Noble2 H452 is formulated with a silica hybrid compound that enables lower rolling resistance and extended tread life. This compound forms into an asymmetric, semi-rib tread design with notched exterior shoulders and ribs that deliver responsive handling and consistent cornering on dry roads. Hankook's Aqua Hydro Block technology works with four circumferential grooves to provide excellent traction and braking performance on wet surfaces. 3-D vibration analysis technology generates an optimized profile for balanced tread wear and reliable braking capabilities.

Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
205/55R16 91W BSW
225/55R16 95W BSW
215/55R16 97W BSW
195/55R16 87V BSW
225/50R16 92W BSW
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
235/45R17 94W BSW
215/50R17 95W BSW
205/45R17 88W BSW
215/45R17 91W BSW
235/50R17 96W BSW
225/55R17 97W BSW
225/55R17 97H BSW
225/50R17 94W BSW
225/45R17 91W BSW
245/40R17 91W BSW
205/50R17 93W BSW
215/55R17 94W BSW
235/55R17 99W BSW
245/50R17 99W BSW
245/45R17 99W BSW
225/55R17 101H BSW
235/55R17 99H BSW
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
235/55R18 100W BSW
255/45R18 99W BSW
225/50R18 95W BSW
235/45R18 98W BSW
235/50R18 97W BSW
255/35R18 94W BSW
225/45R18 95W BSW
235/60R18 103W BSW
245/55R18 103W BSW
265/35R18 97W BSW
215/45R18 93Y BSW
245/45R18 100W BSW
225/55R18 98W BSW
245/40R18 97W BSW
215/40R18 89Y BSW
225/40R18 92W BSW
245/50R18 100W BSW
275/35R18 95W BSW
285/35R18 101W BSW
235/40R18 95W BSW
225/45R18 95H BSW
235/45R18 94V BSW
225/40R18 88W BSW
225/40R18 92H BSW
255/40R18 95W BSW
225/60R18 100W BSW
245/45R18 96V BSW
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
255/45R19 100H BSW
275/40R19 105W BSW
245/45R19 102W BSW
255/35R19 96W BSW
285/35R19 103Y BSW
255/40R19 100W BSW
245/50R19 105W BSW
245/40R19 98Y BSW
235/55R19 105W BSW
235/50R19 99H BSW
245/55R19 103V BSW
255/45R19 104W BSW
225/45R19 96Y BSW
255/45R19 104H BSW
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
255/40R20 101H BSW
255/45R20 105W BSW
275/40R20 106Y BSW
245/45R20 103Y BSW
275/35R20 102W BSW
245/35R20 95Y BSW
255/50R20 105H BSW
255/35R20 96W BSW
245/50R20 102V BSW
245/40R20 99W BSW
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