Hankook Tires

Hankook Tires

Established in 1941 in Seoul, South Korea, Hankook Tire has become a leading global tire company renowned for innovation and quality. With cutting-edge tire technologies and extensive motorsports experience, Hankook has earned a reputation for excellence. Offering a wide range of tire brands, including all-terrain, all-season, winter, truck, and trailer tires, Hankook meets diverse driving needs. Their innovative winter tires ensure superior traction on ice and snow, while their high-quality tires deliver exceptional grip, long tread life, and a smooth, comfortable ride. Whether for cars, trucks, SUVs, or trailers, Hankook provides top-rated tires to meet every driver's needs.

All-Season Tires

Hankook All-Season Tires

Looking for versatile tires? Hankook's all-season range, including Dynapro, iON evo, Kinergy, and Optimo, offers reliable performance year-round. With specially designed tread patterns and rubber compounds, these tires ensure excellent traction on dry, wet, and light snowy roads. Whether you drive a car, SUV, or truck, Hankook all-season tires provide the grip and smooth ride you need in changing weather conditions.

All-Terrain Tires

Hankook All-Terrain Tires

For off-road adventures, consider Hankook Dynapro all-terrain tires. Featuring deep, thick tread patterns and robust blocks, these tires offer exceptional grip on gravel, dirt, mud, and rocks. Their aggressive design provides reliable traction and control, while reinforced sidewalls protect against punctures and impacts, making them ideal for trucks and SUVs.

Car Tires

Hankook Car Tires

For quality tires for your car, choose from Hankook's range of models, including iON evo, Kinergy, Optimo, and Ventus. Whether you need high-performance summer tires or long-wearing all-season and touring models, Hankook car tires blend responsive handling, a comfortable ride, long tread life, and stylish design at an affordable price, enhancing your driving experience.

Highway Tires

Hankook Highway Tires

If you spend a lot of time on the highway, opt for Hankook Dynapro and Ventus highway tires. Designed with tread compounds for low rolling resistance, these tires maximize fuel economy and ensure long, even tread wear for extended tire life. Offering reliable traction and a smooth ride, Hankook highway tires help you save money on gas while providing a comfortable driving experience for miles on end.

Mud-Terrain Tires

Hankook Mud-Terrain Tires

Tackling muddy trails? Hankook Dynapro mud-terrain tires are your best bet. Engineered specifically for muddy conditions, these tires feature wide, open grooves and blocks to dig into slick mud, ensuring maximum grip and self-cleaning capability. With their durable construction, Hankook mud-terrain tires power through thick mud without getting stuck, making them a top choice for off-road enthusiasts.

Offroad Tires

Hankook Offroad Tires

Ready to explore off the beaten path? Outfit your truck or SUV with Hankook's Dynapro off-road tires. Featuring aggressive tread patterns with chunky blocks and grooves, these tires deliver unmatched grip on loose dirt, gravel, mud, and rocks. Reinforced sidewalls resist cuts and impacts, ensuring incredible capability and longevity for your off-road adventures.

Performance Tires

Hankook Performance Tires

For all-around performance, try Hankook Dynapro, Ventus, and Winter icept performance models. Offering outstanding dry grip and handling, along with capability in rain and light snow, these tires allow you to drive confidently in various conditions without compromising performance. Explore Hankook's latest selection of performance all-season tires for your high-powered car, truck, or SUV.

Rugged Terrain Tires

Hankook Rugged Terrain Tires

Venturing into harsh terrain? Hankook Dynapro rugged terrain tires are up to the task. Their aggressive tread pattern with chunky blocks and grooves offers secure grip on loose gravel, rocks, and rough surfaces. Additionally, open grooves prevent stones from getting lodged, while sturdy sidewalls resist punctures from sharp rocks, providing unmatched traction in extreme off-road conditions.

Runflat Tires

Hankook Runflat Tires

Experience peace of mind on the road with Hankook's run-flat tire options like the Kinergy and Ventus models. Featuring reinforced sidewalls, these tires can temporarily support the vehicle's weight if air pressure is lost, allowing you to continue driving to safety instead of being stranded. Hankook run-flat tires offer convenience and reliability for worry-free driving.

Summer Tires

Hankook Summer Tires

For thrilling summer drives, explore Hankook iON evo and Ventus models. These high-performance tires feature ultra-sticky rubber and racing-inspired tread designs for unparalleled grip on dry roads. With responsive handling, Hankook summer tires allow you to push your sports car or performance vehicle to the limit with confidence, delivering an exhilarating driving experience on the street or track.

SUV Tires

Hankook SUV Tires

Equip your SUV with Hankook's Dynapro, iON evo, Kinergy, and Winter IPike tires for exceptional performance and capability. With excellent traction in wet, dry, and wintry conditions, these tires feature rugged construction and reinforced sidewalls for durability on or off the road. Enjoy a smooth, stable ride and responsive handling for all your SUV adventures with Hankook SUV tires.

Touring Tires

Hankook Touring Tires

Planning a road trip? Consider Hankook Kinergy and Optimo touring tires. Engineered with special tread compounds for low rolling resistance and long tread life, these tires offer excellent fuel economy and thousands of miles of driving. With their quiet, smooth ride quality, Hankook touring tires provide a luxurious driving experience, keeping your car comfortable and stable on long highway journeys.

Trailer Tires

Hankook Trailer Tires

For your trailer, consider Hankook's Vantra trailer tire line. Constructed with strong casings and a thick tread, these heavy-duty tires can carry maximum loads with ease. Enhanced tread compounds improve treadwear, fuel efficiency, and overall wear, providing a smooth, stable ride whether your trailer is loaded or empty. Count on Hankook trailer tires for reliable performance and durability on the road.

Truck Tires

Hankook Truck Tires

For hard-working trucks, consider Hankook's Dynapro, iON evo, Vantra, and Winter icept lines. These tough tires offer incredible traction, long treadwear, and rugged construction suited for heavy loads. With excellent ride comfort and lower noise levels, Hankook truck tires provide the durability and control you need to tackle any task with confidence.

Winter/Snow Tires

Hankook Winter/Snow Tires

Navigating snowy roads? Stay safe with Hankook Winter icept and Winter ipike snow tires. Designed with special rubber compounds, these tires remain flexible in freezing temperatures, ensuring excellent grip on snow and ice. Their advanced tread designs tightly grip snowy surfaces, delivering maximum control and braking power for safer winter driving in cars, SUVs, and trucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Hankook tires are widely considered to be a very good tire brand. They offer a wide range of high-quality tire models for passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, and performance vehicles. Moreover, Hankook invests heavily in research and development to create tires with advanced compounds and tread designs. As a result, Hankook tires deliver excellent grip, ride comfort, and tread life.

Hankook tires are manufactured at several state-of-the-art production facilities around the world. Their global headquarters and original plant are located in South Korea. However, they also have major plants in Indonesia, China, Hungary, the United States (Tennessee), and elsewhere to serve regional markets efficiently.

You can conveniently purchase Hankook tires from us at Discounted Wheel Warehouse. We maintain a huge inventory of Hankook tires and provide knowledgeable staff to assist you in selecting the perfect tires for your vehicle and driving needs. With our discounted prices and excellent service, you have an ideal destination for buying Hankook tires.

The lifespan of Hankook tires can vary based on the specific tire model and driving conditions, but they are generally designed for a long tread life. According to Hankook and many satisfied owners, their quality passenger car and SUV/truck tires typically last between 50,000 and 70,000 miles when properly maintained with rotations and inflation.

Hankook tire prices can vary depending on the specific model, size, and tire type. In general, you can expect to pay $80-$200 per tire for a set of quality Hankook passenger or SUV/truck tires. Their ultra-high performance tires for sports cars start around $150 per tire on the low end. Visit Discounted Wheel Warehouse to buy premium Hankook tires at better prices.

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