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Welcome to Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we carry a vast selection of Tire Rims for your choosing. We have Tire Rims in sizes 16 inches all the way up to 26 inches, we have some great deals on Tire Rims on our Specials page. If you need any help with Tire Rims, please feel free to email or call 1-800-901-6003 with your questions on Tire Rims Buy Tire Rims at discount prices, we sell Tire Rims with fast shipping.

The Best Tire Rims for Sale in 2022

If you need a new set of tire rims for your vehicle, Discounted Wheel Warehouse has a large variety of options to choose from. We carry all of the hottest brands and latest styles. If you are looking for a new set of custom rims for your car, truck, minivan, SUV, or crossover, you have come to the right place! We have tire rims that are made to fit on every street-legal vehicle at extremely low prices.

What You Need to Know about Tire Rims

When it comes to picking the perfect tire rim, most drivers are looking for three distinctive qualities: style, comfort, and safety. We have a comprehensive range of tire rims that meet all of the listed qualifications. No matter what quality is most important to you, we are sure to have the perfect tire rim for you.

At Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we offer a wide range of tire rims that come in various designs and finishes. Whether you are looking for chrome, polished, or painted wheels, we have the perfect eye-catching wheel that will help your vehicle stand out in a crowd.

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  1. 081 E-Twine 1 item
  2. 162M Aluminum Mod 9 items
  3. 164B LT Mod Black 12 items
  4. 164P LT Mod 4 items
  5. 164P LT Mod Polished 21 items
  6. 187P Warrior 6 items
  7. 229S Silver Modular 1 item
  8. 292 Saber 1 item
  9. 297B Soft 8 2 items
  10. 310W White Spoke 2 items
  11. 342B Black Daytona 3 items
  12. 402 Alpine 3 items
  13. 403 Slalom 3 items
  14. 423B Magnus 4 items
  15. 425 Millenium 3 items
  16. 425MB 1 item
  17. 426 Morph 1 item
  18. 427B Glock 3 items
  19. 427MB Glock 3 items
  20. 428B Balast 6 items
  21. 428MB Balast 6 items
  22. 429B Align 12 items
  23. 429C Align 6 items
  24. 429G Align 12 items
  25. 429MB Align 3 items
  26. 430B Maestro 7 items
  27. 430C Maestro 9 items
  28. 430MB Maestro 9 items
  29. 431B Elicit 11 items
  30. 431MB Elicit 9 items
  31. 432B Rigor 12 items
  32. 432C Rigor 15 items
  33. 433B Blade 8 items
  34. 433B Rigor 3 items
  35. 433MB Blade 11 items
  36. 433MS Blade 11 items
  37. 434B Matic 17 items
  38. 434MB Matic 18 items
  39. 435 Flux 9 items
  40. 435B Foil 7 items
  41. 435C Foil 1 item
  42. 435G Foil 12 items
  43. 435MB Foil 7 items
  44. 436 Gemini 3 items
  45. 436B Margin 19 items
  46. 436C Margin 13 items
  47. 437 Genesis 16 items
  48. 437B Maven 10 items
  49. 437C Maven 6 items
  50. 437MB Maven 10 items
  51. 438 Gyro 6 items
  52. 438B Swerve 3 items
  53. 438C Swerve 4 items
  54. 439B Command 3 items
  55. 439C Command 4 items
  56. 441 Ghost 1 item
  57. 457 Revelation 24 items
  58. 458 Prophecy 14 items
  59. 459 Retribution 15 items
  60. 460 Atonement 8 items
  61. 461 Exodus 1 item
  62. 462 Matrix 2 items
  63. 463 Valor 4 items
  64. 464 Lotus 16 items
  65. 55W White Mod 1 item
  66. 786C Ideal 1 item
  67. A613 26 items
  68. AO200 Baja Lite Dually 5 items
  69. AO400 Baja Dually Front 7 items
  70. AO400 Baja Dually Inner 2 items
  71. AO401 Octane Dually 10 items
  72. AO402 Indy Dually 7 items
  73. AO403 Roulette Dually 10 items
  74. AO404 Journey Dually 14 items
  75. AO404 Journey Dually Front 2 items
  76. AO405 Trex Dually 7 items
  77. AX188 Ledge 1 item
  78. Antler 1 item
  79. Avalon 1 item
  80. Axis 3 items
  81. Bardo 4 items
  82. Bathurst 27 items
  83. Bristol 11 items
  84. Brooklands 8 items
  85. Cadwell 1 item
  86. Chicane 1 item
  87. Chrono 2 items
  88. Clypse 22 items
  89. Crowthorne 6 items
  90. Degner 2 items
  91. Donington 3 items
  92. Geneva 1 item
  93. Hockenheim S 2 items
  94. Hybris 20 items
  95. Imatra 22 items
  96. Jarama 2 items
  97. Kemora 25 items
  98. Launch 15 items
  99. MR116 26 items
  100. MR118 18 items
  101. MR120 1 item
  102. MR126 1 item
  103. MR127 5 items
  104. MR130 Techno Mesh 2 items
  105. MR131 Traklite 5 items
  106. MR139 4 items
  107. MR140 2 items
  108. MR141 1 item
  109. MR142 10 items
  110. MR142 CS8 1 item
  111. MR143 CS6 15 items
  112. MR144 M9 27 items
  113. MR145 Traklite 3.0 3 items
  114. MR147 CM7 25 items
  115. MR150 Trailite 7 items
  116. MR151 CS5 16 items
  117. MR152 SS5 7 items
  118. MR153 CM10 8 items
  119. MR154 BATTLE 49 items
  120. MR156 S12 4 items
  121. MR157 CM8 4 items
  122. Max 2 items
  123. Mechanica 2 items
  124. Molteno 1 item
  125. Montage 1 item
  126. Neptune 26 items
  127. Nord 4 items
  128. Nurburgring 7 items
  129. OBS UC144 3 items
  130. Parallax 1 item
  131. Pescara 28 items
  132. RC10 42 items
  133. RC22 5 items
  134. RC7 59 items
  135. RF2 2 items
  136. RFV1 18 items
  137. RFV2 18 items
  138. RFX1 41 items
  139. RFX10 93 items
  140. RFX11 178 items
  141. RFX13 62 items
  142. RFX15 41 items
  143. RFX17 75 items
  144. RFX2 92 items
  145. RFX5 82 items
  146. RFX7 86 items
  147. Rapp 3 items
  148. Rasato 1 item
  149. Ritz 1 item
  150. Rivage 2 items
  151. Rockingham 2 items
  152. Rouge 4 items
  153. Scottsdale UC143 2 items
  154. Sebring 72 items
  155. Sector 12 items
  156. Silverstone 18 items
  157. Snetterton 11 items
  158. Spartan 5 items
  159. Sprint 10 items
  160. Storm S1 5 items
  161. Sweep 1 item
  162. Techno Mesh S MR120 3 items
  163. Turbina 2 items
  164. U101 Indy 27 items
  165. U102 Standard 12 items
  166. U104 Standard 8 items
  167. U107 Standard 10 items
  168. U108 Standard 1 item
  169. U109 Bandit 6 items
  170. U110 Rambler 18 items
  171. U111 Rambler 28 items
  172. U116 Hustler 3 items
  173. U117 Rambler 10 items
  174. U118 Hustler 6 items
  175. U120 Roadster 8 items
  176. U121 Rambler 14 items
  177. U123 Rambler 9 items
  178. U127 C-Ten 7 items
  179. U129 C-Ten 7 items
  180. U130 Bullet 19 items
  181. U131 Bullet 20 items
  182. U132 Desperado 35 items
  183. U133 Desperado 40 items
  184. U134 Desperado 40 items
  185. U135 TS 4 items
  186. U136 TS 4 items
  187. U137 TS 4 items
  188. U138 Santa Cruz 6 items
  189. U139 Santa Cruz 6 items
  190. U140 Santa Cruz 5 items
  191. V22 Duo 1 item
  192. V39 Parallax 2 items
  193. Vale 1 item
  194. Valencia 7 items
  195. Vigoroso V1 24 items
  196. Vortex 1 item
  197. Watkins 1 item
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Items 1-12 of 2516

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Drivers also want a tire rim that is safe. This means buying a strong and durable wheel that is made to withstand various conditions. We carry forged and cast wheels that are specially designed to be sturdy and dependable.

You also need to make sure that you are getting a tire rim that will be able to fit your vehicle. Having a poorly-fitted wheel on your car could cause damage to your car and potentially be dangerous for you and the other drivers on the road. Your vehicle's owner's manual should specify the maximum and minimum size of wheel that your vehicle can handle. If you are unsure of what size of rim you need, you can use our search tool to look up the wheels that fit your vehicle's specific make and model.

Find the Best Price on Tire Rims

At Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we offer all of the most popular wheel brands, including 2 Crave, Center Line, DPR, Drifz, Blackfoot, Gianna, and much more. We sell all of our wheels at unbelievable discounted prices. If you are looking to save money on a new set of custom tire rims, shop with us today!

Buy Discount tire Rims Online

We make buying car rims online fast and simple.We completely take the hassle out of buying a new set of wheels. If you are not sure what type of tire rim you would like, you can use our handy search tool to browse rims by size, brand, bolt patterns, and more. After you have found the perfect pair tire rims, you can place them into your online cart and have them shipped right to your door. You won't have to wait long for your tire rims to be delivered. Once we receive your order, our staff members work fast to have them ready to ship as soon as possible.

Discounted Wheel Warehouse Buy Tire Rims

Discounted Tire Rims for cars, trucks, and SUVs. We have huge savings on all Tire Rims at Discounted Wheel Warehouse. We buy in quantity and thus pass the savings on to you, our valued customer.

We strive to bring you customer service that is unmatched in the Tire Rims industry. We offer Tire Rims packages with fast shipping right to your door. We have many styles to choose from in Tire Rims. We offer over one thousand wheel and tire packages for you to choose from at Discounted Wheel Warehouse. Buy Tire Rims at discount prices, we sell Tire Rims with fast shipping.

All prices include Tire Rims, mounted, balanced, and shipped fast right to your door! We ship Tire Rims to the continental United States for free, in all other areas additional charges apply. Tire Rims at wholesale prices and some of the hottest styles on the planet! What more can you ask for?

We hope you take some time and browse the website and pick out awesome Tire Rims, wheel and tire packages, and awesome pricing. Buy Tire Rims at discount prices, we sell Tire Rims with fast shipping. If it's Tire Rims or custom wheels and tires we have it all. With one price to your door, hassle-free buying experience. We sell Tire Rims, packages and combine fast shipping so all you have to worry about is one low price. Discounted Wheel Warehouse wants to thank you for stopping by, we hope we can assist you in your next purchase of Tire Rims.

Wide collection of tire and rim on wholesale prices

Discounted Wheel Warehouse brings you the best deals and discounts. If you are looking for wholesale tires and rims, we have a wide and wondrous collection for you. Moreover, if you are looking for a specific product, try our special filter option. With it, you can search for products based on features and specifications. For instance, you can filter our collection on diameter, brand names, model, finish, offset, and width. We make it easier for our customers to buy the products they need. In fact, this is one of the main reasons ours is a leading name in the industry. Unlike competitors, we bring you only the most high-end products. The discounts and deals that we have are the added delights. And for our customers with tighter budgets and depleted savings, we have financing as well. You can rely on us to help you out in any and every way.


What is the difference between tires and rims

The tire is the solid round piece that the tire sits on. The rim is the edge of the wheel and is usually used when describing the wheel's design.

What is the use of tire and rim

The wheel and rim are a vital part of the car. They are what allows the vehicle to roll. If your wheel is damaged in any way, your vehicle may not roll as smoothly.

Why are rims expensive?

Rims can be expensive because they are made out of strong and durable metals. Certain finishes, such as chrome, can make the price even higher. At Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we offer the best prices on all of the popular brands.

How can I determine if the tire and rim will fit together?

If the diameter of your tire and rim match perfectly, they are compatible for a fit. And if you want to know more about this, you can call our polite and professional customer support anytime.

Do you have rims for sale with tires in your stock?

Because tire and rims have to be compatible, we sell them separately as individual products – not part of the same deal. If you have budget tightness, you can use our financing option. Call us today for more information on this.

How can I make my tire and rims last longer and better?

Aside from regular maintenance and cleaning, you need to ensure that the tire and rim are compatible together. After all, tire and rims that fit well always last longer and better. For more information regarding this, give us a call today.

Is it safe to buy tire and rim online?

Sure! You can trust us to deliver you the most high-end products. Moreover, we also have warranty services in line for you and you can check the status of your order online as well. If you need more information on this, give our customer support a call.

Do rims come with tires?

NO. Unless a tire package option is available that includes tyres and rims installed by tire, rim, and car repair shops. The client often assembles new tires with pre-existing rims, therefore your order will typically just contain tires when you purchase new tires.

What is the rim size mean?

The diameter of the metal wheel on which the tyre is attached is referred to as the rim size. It is usually, it is measured in inches.