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Patriot Tire RT

Patriot RT Tires

Patriot RT Features

Computer optimized tread block

Computer optimized tread block sizes and shapes with multiple lateral grooves and angled sipes

Robust 3-ply construction

Robust 3-ply construction reduces the risk of punctures and gives sure-footed handling on all surfaces

Wide center tread blocks

Wide center tread blocks help balance the weight distribution and ensure the tread wears evenly

Dual sidewall design

Featuring a flaming demon design on one side and mud penetrating dagger shaped lugs on the other.

The Patriot R/T is an all season, rugged terrain tire designed for drivers of light trucks and SUVs. This M+S rated tire ensures powerful performance to conquer off road terrains as well as confident handling and premium ride quality while on the road. Equipped with two stylish sidewall designs, the R/T is a premium rugged terrain tire that comes for a highly affordable price.