Patriot Tires

Patriot Tires

Patriot Tires is a brand born in the crucible of rugged reliability, that has always been there to push off-road to new heights. Inspired by the unstoppable might of military machines, they offer an all-wheel drive fitment to match even the most extreme and challenging conditions. From the Patriot RT and MT tires to Jeep Patriot all-terrain tires, off-road tires, mud tires, and rugged terrain tires, our selection of Patriot tires is unmatched. They are always tested to the limits for maximum off-road performance and are built to withstand heavy impact and load. Patriot Tires perfectly balances the durability of service, functionality, and affordability. So, visit Discounted Wheel Warehouse to check out our vast selection of Patriot tires at unbeatable prices.

All-Season Tires

Patriot All-Season Tires

If you are looking for multi-purpose tires to use in any season and on any surface, you may consider Patriot All-Season tires, for example, AT, HT, and RB-1. These tires are optimized for dry, wet, and light snow. Moreover, they contain advanced tread compounds and tread patterns. Patriot all-season tires are suitable for passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks. In addition, they ensure smooth, comfortable, and reliable daily driving.

All-Terrain Tires

Patriot All-Terrain Tires

Want to travel on any path? Choose Patriot All-Terrain tires such as AT and RT. Patriot all-terrain tires work well on different kinds of surfaces. These tires have an aggressive tread pattern and durable construction. Patriot all-terrain tires are comfortable on highways, dirt roads, and light trails in your company. Also, Patriot all-terrain tires are suitable for SUVs, pickups, and other terrain.

Car Tires

Patriot Car Tires

Make your driving exceptional with the Patriot RB-1 car tire. Enhanced by modern compounds and tread patterns, Patriot car tires give you just the right mix of great performance and comfort. Whether handling, traction, or ride quality are your main concerns, the RB-1 is the ultimate value for safety on your daily route or weekend trip. Look at our top models below and ask for our expert advice on selecting the perfect tire for your vehicle.

Highway Tires

Patriot Highway Tires

Are you about to tackle long-distance travel? Designed specifically for when you are on the open road, the Patriot HT Highway tire is created with durability, performance, and comfort. These tires have an optimized tread design with reinforced construction, outstanding tread life, and fuel efficiency. Patriot highway tires work well for SUVs, pickups, or commercial vehicles. Visit our fitment guide for the accurate Patriot highway tire size. See below and visit our fitment guide for accurate tire sizes.

Offroad Tires

Patriot Offroad Tires

Do you want to ride deeper into forests and venture farther off the beaten path? Look no further than the Patriot Off-Road AT and RT. Patriot off-road tires are made for rough terrain. They have an aggressive tread pattern and unique compounds that make them grip well, resist punctures, and last a long time. If you love off-roading, these tires are great because Patriot off-road tires can handle all sorts of obstacles and trails.

Performance Tires

Patriot Performance Tires

Drive with ultimate confidence and control on the RB-1 Performance from Patriot. Patriot Performance tires have premium, high-grip compounds, and tread patterns. With these tires, every corner feels like the road never ends, and you feel like you’re always one step ahead. Get the ultimate driving thrill out of every turn, even at the edge of your limits. See below and explore our latest selection of Patriot performance tires.

Rugged Terrain Tires

Patriot Rugged Terrain Tires

If you want to overcome the most challenging off-road trials, then the Patriot RT Rugged-Terrain is the right tire for you. The tire offers deep, tough tread patterns and rubber compounds. Therefore, it grips harsh, rocky landscapes and it is rightly self-cleaning. This design is the best for extreme off-road experiences as it can guarantee better traction, stronger puncture resistance, and extended life. Hence, do not hesitate to believe in the best condition!

SUV Tires

Patriot SUV Tires

You can explore any territory, knowing the Patriot SUV tires are at your side. Patriot offers several types of tires: AT, HT, and RB-1. They're good at gripping the road, steering well, and lasting a long time, whether you're driving on highways or dirt paths. Patriot SUV tires are built tough with a special design on the tread that makes driving comfy but still strong. Moreover, Patriot SUV tires ensure the smooth experience you require while allowing you to go on any adventure.

Truck Tires

Patriot Truck Tires

Patriot Truck tires, including AT, RB-1, and RT, will serve you for a long time in the most demanding circumstances. They offer exceptional durability, reinforced construction, and aggressive tread patterns. That's why they can handle heavy loads and rough roads well, and they last a long time too. Safely and confidently drive your pickup or commercial vehicle to transport heavy loads or maneuver on corporate work sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patriot Tires is a brand that belongs to Titan International, a big company that makes great off-road tires, tracks, and wheels all over the world. Titan International is super popular and important in three big areas: farming, construction, and regular people who buy tires. Patriot Tires has been around for a while and can develop high-quality tires.

The price of the Patriot Tire varies depending on its model, size, and type, whether it is a passenger, light truck, or off-road tire. However, such aspects as their cost are one of the key benefits. Moreover, they are cheaper than most premium off-road tire brands. For this reason, Patriot Tires may be more expensive than entry-level options. They are famous for their performance, durability, and effectiveness on difficult terrain.

With an extensive range of Patriot Tires, Discounted Wheel Warehouse is one of the top companies in the tire and wheel supply industry. We provide you with the best tires that are both top-quality and affordable. Our experts know all about different types of tires that could work for your car, like for different roads, weather, or how much weight they can handle. Plus, you can get fast shipping, financing, and affordable discounted deals from us.

Patriot Tires are famous for their toughness, long lifespan, and ability to drive in any weather condition. Patriot tires have deep grooves on the surface that help them grip the ground well, even when it's slippery. They're extremely strong and can carry heavy stuff without getting tired quickly. So, if you like to go off-roading or drive in challenging conditions, Patriot Tires could be a good choice for you. People who love off-roading say Patriot Tires always perform well, no matter where you take them. Hence, they are popular among people looking for tough capabilities on harsh terrain.

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