XM Prime

XM Prime Wheels are unique wheels from the Xtreme Mudder Wheels series. Of course, people recognize them for their appearance and, most importantly, their ability to protect the wheel’s edge. Also, people have praised the patterns on the new XM Flow Forged wheels as the best among aluminum wheels. They come in exclusive styles, like the XM-500 Jupiter in vivid pink and semi-matte black. Whether you want awesome wheels for your fancy vehicle or tires for off-street riding, XM Prime Wheels are the ones.

Car Wheels

XM Prime Car Wheels

These wheels are part of the Xtreme Mudder Wheels collection. They have a unique style and guard the edge of the wheel. They’re as exact as terrific aluminum wheels and provide masses of design options. They make your car look exact and ride with no trouble.

SUV Wheels

XM Prime SUV Wheels

The XM Prime SUV wheels are made for off-road use. And yes, they are also part of the limited styles of XM wheels, as with their limited styles your SUV appearances can become 100 times better. They designed them to be long-lasting and stronger, and while they are the last, it’s not the end.

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