Victor Equipment

Make your Porsche unique with wheels from Victor Equipment. Made specifically for Porsche, size, offset and tire fitting will never be an issue. With size ranging from 17 to 21, finding the right wheel became easier. Made with aluminum set to last a long time. Either cruising on a highway and going full throttle, Victor Equipment has you covered. Unique designs matching every model, allow easy customization. Victor equipment rims offer unique design just like the Porsche itself being a unique car. Give your car the wheel it deserves, that can handle the power and deliver the speed that you desire. Unleash the beast with Victor equipment Wheels.

Car Wheels

Victor Equipment Car Wheels

Being a leading manufacturer in aftermarket Porsche wheels, Victor Equipment car wheels offer attractive patterns and striking designs. Available in vibrant colors such as silver, chrome black and bronze and red, along with glossy finishes and shining exterior. Having multiple options to choose from such as flow formed, cast aluminum and forged. Delivering premium designs and quality elevating your Porsche. Convert to Victor Equipment car wheels now and redefine style.

SUV Wheels

Victor Equipment SUV Wheels

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