If you want well constructed aftermarket wheels without breaking the bank, it's time to upgrade to Ultra Wheels. With our affordably priced Ultra chrome and off-road wheels, you can reinvent your truck or SUV on a budget. Ultra design wheels inspired by off-road racing but made reasonable for everyday driver. Ultra's 20+ years of wheel-making experience means you get proven performance. With fitments for trucks, Jeeps, SUVs and UTVs, you will find the perfect wheel, ultra truck wheels, or off road wheels to customize your ride. So, get advanced and durable wheels with good traction without spending too much.

Car Wheels

Ultra Car Wheels

Ultra Car Wheels are your best choice if you are looking for wheels that exude both form and function. These wheels are made with high-grade materials to withstand even the toughest roads. Moreover, you can get ultra rims in a variety of design options. And that’s not all. This collection comes in so many finishes and sizes for you to choose the right one. Check out our in-stock collection to find the best companion for your passenger car.

Offroad Wheels

Ultra Offroad Wheels

If you want to amp up your offroading adventures, Ultra Off Road Wheels are just right for you. After all, their robust construction makes driving on every terrain a smooth experience. In fact, these wheels can withstand the toughest of conditions. Besides, these wheels are a sight for sore eyes! With their eye-catching designs, these are sure to turn heads on the road. Browse our catalog today.

SUV Wheels

Ultra SUV Wheels

Trailer Wheels

Ultra Trailer Wheels

Ultra offers an amazing collection of heavy-duty trailer wheels. Their unique construction allows them to support heavy loads and provide increased traction. Also, they are designed to withstand whatever the terrain throws at them. What’s more, you can find ultra trailer wheels in a variety of sizes, styles and finish options. So, if you are looking for high-quality wheels for your trailer, sifting through this collection is the best choice.

Truck Wheels

Ultra Truck Wheels

Ultra truck wheels are the best choice for those who seek an All-rounder. After all, they offer both great performance and remarkable visuals. Their sturdy composition makes your driving smoother and more enjoyable. Plus, they are ready to endure whatever the roads throw at them. Apart from this, these wheels are super aesthetically pleasing. Plus, they come in a variety of styles for you to choose from. Sift through our collection to find the right one for your trucks. Free shipping available!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ultra Wheels produces a wide variety of wheels to suit different vehicles and driving styles. Their Motorsports line features bold and stylish designs like the Scorpion, Hunter, and Patriot. In addition to this, they offer both aesthetic appeal and high performance both for on and off the road. Ultra Wheels provides options specifically designed for vans, SUVs, and dually trucks. No matter if you're looking for a statement-making wheel or a practical solution for heavy-duty vehicles, they offer a diverse range of options to meet your needs with style and functionality.

Ultra Wheels come in a wide variety of classic, modern colors and finishes to match different styles. Their Popular finishes include; Gloss black, Matte black, Chrome, Bronze, Polished, Machined as well as Gray. Also, they offer custom powder coated colors. So whether you want a classic subdued finish or something bright and eye-catching, you can find Ultra rims in the exact color you want.

Yes, they offer a variety of sizes and offsets to fit different vehicles. At first, the diameter ranges from 15 to 24 inches. Next, widths up to 12 inches wide, and Lastly, the offsets range from -130mm to 134mm. Furthermore, just use our Fitment Guide to find wheels guaranteed to fit your truck or SUV properly. Whether you want a factory style or an aggressive look, they provide you Ultra trailer wheels to match your needs.

Shop the full range of durable, stylish Wheels online and in-store at Discounted Wheel Warehouse. We stock over 300 models at affordable prices. Get free, fast shipping when you buy Ultra Wheels for your truck or SUV.

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