TIS Wheels

Combining style and performance, TIS wheels are a top choice for both street drivers and off-roading enthusiasts alike. Despite being a newer brand, TIS stands out with its cutting-edge concave designs, perfect for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, these one-piece wheels offer exceptional durability and strength. Engineered for smooth handling and improved traction on various terrains, TIS wheels are compatible with trucks, jeeps, and SUVs, whether lifted or at stock height. With options ranging from rugged to sleek, our collection has the perfect rims to elevate your driving experience. Explore our selection today and discover the ideal wheels for your ride.

Car Wheels

TIS Car Wheels

Upgrade your daily driving experience with TIS car wheels. Crafted from high-quality materials, they ensure enhanced durability for your vehicle. With a variety of eye-catching designs to choose from, ranging from sleek to timeless, there's something to suit every preference. Available in multiple sizes and finish options, TIS wheels offer the perfect update for your car. Explore our collection today to find the perfect fit for your vehicle!

Offroad Wheels

TIS Offroad Wheels

Elevate your off-road adventures with TIS off-road wheels. Designed to deliver exceptional performance on rough terrains, these wheels boast a robust construction that ensures high efficiency. Choose from a range of modern and eye-catching designs that cater to various style preferences. With options to suit every taste, our collection has the perfect wheel for your off-road vehicle. Explore now to find your ideal match.

SUV Wheels

TIS SUV Wheels

Truck Wheels

TIS Truck Wheels

TIS truck wheels are the ultimate all-rounder, combining style, strength, and smoothness for your ride. Engineered to withstand the toughest terrains, these wheels offer unmatched durability. Featuring a variety of attractive style options, from sleek to edgy, our collection has everything your truck needs. Say goodbye to your search for high-quality, big-sized rims – browse our collection today and find the perfect fit for your truck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, they are! Rims from TIS Wheels offer high-level performance on both trails and regular roads. Their innovative construction ensures striking aesthetics and high-level functionality.

Yes. TIS wheels offer a wide range of offsets, from -101mm to +35mm. This ensures compatibility with various vehicle fitments. For more detailed information, reach out to Discounted Wheel Warehouse.

TIS aftermarket wheels are an excellent choice for off-road and 4x4 vehicles from Jeep. Their lightweight yet durable build ensures optimal performance in challenging conditions. Plus, they enhance your Jeep's appearance.

TIS is short for Twenty Inches Strong. Originally focused on producing 20” wheels, the brand later expanded its range to accommodate evolving customer and vehicle preferences.

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