Motegi Wheels

Motegi racing wheels are named after Japan's Twin Ring Motegi racing circuit. These wheels are designed for performance on and off the track. As a strong supporter of racing series like Formula Drift and IMSA, Motegi focuses on producing high quality wheels that bring racetrack looks to the street. Their racing team has extra-ordinary design and research skills. With 20+ years of racing experience, Motegi creates wheels ready for your high-performance driving. All Motegi wheels offer great handling, whether you're racing around corners on the track or driving smoothly on the highway. At Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we carry the full range of Motegi racing wheels to meet your driving demands.

Car Wheels

Motegi Car Wheels

These wheels are engineered to deliver outstanding performance, even on the most uneven roads. Their robust construction and efficient design ensure top-notch efficiency. Additionally, they are available in a range of style options, catering to all tastes from sleek to bold. Explore our catalog to discover the perfect Motegi wheels for your car.

SUV Wheels

Motegi SUV Wheels

Frequently Asked Questions

We carry the complete range of Motegi racing wheels, including popular models like the MR116, MR127, and MR140, which feature durable alloy construction ideal for tuner cars. Additionally, avail other options like the MR118, MR131, and MR150. Besides this, legendary designs like the motegi ff7 as well as long-lasting MR Pro Series deliver iconic JDM spirit.

Motegi Wheels uses curved shapes, strong spokes and unique Japanese styling. Further, they produce one-piece and multi-piece cast wheels optimized for sports cars and track days. Additionally, their lineup ranges from the vintage FF7 design to the durable MR Pro Series for long track days.

Motegi offers wheels in many sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your sports car, tuner, or race car. Firstly, Diameters ranges from 15 inch to 20 inch. Secondly, widths up to 10.5 inch. Lastly, the offsets ranges from 15 mm to 79 mm. Hence, with so many fitment options, you can get the perfect look and performance.

You don’t need to go anywhere else! At Discounted wheel warehouse, we have a full selection of Motegi lineup so you can upgrade your ride. Our wheel experts can help you pick the perfect Motegi wheel by vehicle fitment, model or your desired color. Don’t miss the chance and grab your Motegi wheels now.

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