Inovit Wheels is a brand that people around the world realize. They are famous for their precise engineering, precise designs, and clean thoughts within the alloy wheel industry. They began in 1998 in a small domestic workplace in the Netherlands. Now, they're a big company that makes luxury performance wheels from alloy. They make their merchandise with exceptional elegance and class. They have made this because they love the automobile industry. Inovit has many wheel designs, like the Vector II, Frixion 5, and Rotor. Each design has its very own unique fashion and overall performance. So, in case you need a wheel that is fresh, competitive, or traditional, Inovit Wheels has something for you.

Car Wheels

Inovit Car Wheels

Inovit makes luxurious wheels for automobiles. The Vector II model is a refreshed model of the classic Vector with a 'twin-five' design. The Frixion 5 model has fashionable chamfered spokes, a straight reduced inner barrel, a deep concave form, and may carry quite a little weight. You can get it in these sizes: 19× 8.5J / 19 × nine.5J / 20 x 8.5J / 20 x 10.0J. The Rotor model has a neat five-spoke layout with complex information within the wheel center, layered spokes, and a ball reduction on the spoke side. It comes in sizes: 20 × 9.0J / 20 × 10.0J.

SUV Wheels

Inovit SUV Wheels

Inovit additionally makes wheels for SUVs. The Frixion 6 model is made for SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade. You can get it in sizes: 22 x 9.5J / 24 x 10.0J. The Rotor version is also proper for SUVs and comes in sizes: 22 x 9.5J / 22 x 10.5J. Try it out for yourself to see the better version of your vehicles.

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