Impact Off-Road

Impact Off-Road Wheels stand out for their fashion, overall performance, and toughness. They are designed to handle hard off-avenue conditions and are best for your lifted or leveled vehicles and Jeeps. The makers of Impact Wheels use top-quality materials and progressive methods to make remarkable alloy wheels. They provide a selection from the 880 series to the 904, each wheel designed to leave a mark. Check out the huge variety of Impact Off-Road Wheels and make your off-roading extra exciting. Every journey becomes a unique journey with Impact Off-Road.

Offroad Wheels

Impact Off-Road Offroad Wheels

SUV Wheels

Impact Off-Road SUV Wheels

Impact Off-Road SUV Wheels blend style and longevity perfectly. They are available in many sizes and designs, prepared for rough off-street use. Their particular layout of recessed, twisted spokes sticks out, giving splendor and function. SUV fans should have these wheels for their unmatched combo of toughness and beauty.

Truck Wheels

Impact Off-Road Truck Wheels

Impact Off-Road Truck Wheels are remarkable alloy wheels that offer wonderful fashion and performance. You can get them in sizes from 17x9 as much as a large 24x12. Their specific design of concave-stepped multi-spokes makes them stand out. These wheels match many trucks and make a large, visible impact.

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