American Truxx Forged

American Truxx Forged Wheels are famous for their first-class quality and models in the truck wheel market. They cater to those who appreciate the strong, formidable appearance of cast metal. They have many designs, like the ATF-1911 Twisted, the ATF-1910 Kronos, the ATF-1909 Aries, and the ATF-1908 Orion. So, no matter what form of truck you've got, American Truxx has a wheel for you. They additionally have styles with open lug caps for custom spike model lugs and plenty of bolt styles to fit most vans.

Offroad Wheels

American Truxx Forged Offroad Wheels

American Truxx designs Off-Road Wheels for off-road cars. These wheels feature one-piece aluminum construction, making them lightweight for high performance and durability to withstand normal wear and tear during off-road journeys. They have a huge choice of bolt pattern packages to fit most cars.

Truck Wheels

American Truxx Forged Truck Wheels

American Truxx designs Forged Truck Wheels to be stronger and lighter, offering a performance advantage overall. They offer precise, low-value forged wheel styles in addition to their new line of stronger, lighter American Truxx forged wheels. Their stable wheels are designed for vehicles and are available in different sizes. They are extraordinarily proud to unveil their new Forged line at the SEMA Show.

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