American Truxx

Based in Dallas, Texas, American Truxx Wheels views a truck as a symbol of the American spirit. They create particular custom wheels that replicate the style and attitude of the character using the truck. They offer a selection of affordable forged wheel styles and a brand new 2019 line of more potent, lighter american truxx wheels. Moreover, they have designed these wheels for a variety of uses, from daily driving to off-road adventures. In addition, they cater to truck enthusiasts who appreciate aesthetics and want their trucks to stand out. Indeed, they aim to be the desired truck wheel not only in Texas but across America. Their lightweight and durable wheels are perfect for upgrading your truck or SUV.

Offroad Wheels

American Truxx Offroad Wheels

Experience the thrill of off-roading with Offroad Wheels from american truxx wheels. Crafted for a daring attitude, these wheels come from a single piece of aluminum. Their lightweight yet sturdy nature ensures outstanding performance and durability, resisting the usual wear and tear during your off-road adventures. Specialized designs like the ATF-1911 TWISTED, ATF-1910 KRONOS, and ATF-1909 ARIES let you master any terrain while making a bold statement. It’s a great idea to get these wheels.

Truck Wheels

American Truxx Truck Wheels

American truck wheels are designed to reflect the rider’s style and attitude. However, with a variety of bolt patterns for most trucks and unique designs like the AT-1919 Evolution, AT-1916 Butcher, and AT-1917 GOLIATH, you can customize your truck to showcase your individuality and passion. Lastly, you can use these wheels for everyday tasks, ranch hauling, or even fire-breathing purposes. So getting these for your vehicles is one of the best choices you are going to make.

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