3 Piece Wheels

Exceptionally versatile and highly adaptable, our 3 piece wheels offer extraordinary performance. With unique patterns that outline the car's design and reform its appearance. Three-piece tires are incredibly simple to maintain because the damaged portion may be replaced or mended when disassembled. Offering the luxury to change color, reduce offset, change the rim design, replace the rim barrel, and much more. If you love personalization, then this is the ideal wheel for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

3 piece wheels are made of 3 individual components. The inner barrel, the outer barrel and the center of the wheel.

3 piece wheels are easier to disassemble, repair, and paint. However, they are less sturdy than conventional wheels.

3 piece wheels have 3 different components that are sealed together. They work similarly to a conventional wheel.

Changing the face of the feel can allow you to change the offset on the wheel.

Use water to rinse the wheel multiple times to clean of dirt. Use a microfiber cloth to dry the tire.