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Looking for a set of used Rotiform wheels? Find the perfect harmony between functionality and aesthetics. Browse the collection of Rotiform wheels right now to get the ideal Rotiform wheels for your car.

Enhance the look of your automobile with a range of designs and components, from stylish matte black to eye-catching chrome. Your road to improved style begins with Rotiform.

Rotiform is committed to exceptional quality and service. These aftermarket rims feature magnificent, awe-inspiring designs that have reshaped the market. Each Rotiform custom wheel is a marvel of quality craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetic. Built with innovation, Rotiform luxury rims offer a sleek, refined look for today's coupes, sedans, wagons, and crossovers!

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Are Rotiform Wheels a good rim?

Yes, Rotiform Wheels offers some of the most cutting-edge designs and technologies in the aftermarket wheel market, resulting in long-lasting performance and a truly unique look for your vehicle. Additionally, Rotiform Wheels takes heavy inspiration from European automakers, which can be seen in the overall quality and attention to detail of their designs.

Who owns Rotiform Wheels?

Rotiform was founded by Jason Whippie and Brian Henderson in 2009. MHT Wheels owns the Rotiform brand. Rotiform forged wheels are designed from the ground up at the California headquarters.

How long have Rotiform Wheels been around?

Rotiform Wheels was founded in 2009.

How are Rotiform Wheels measured?

At the lip of the wheel lay a straightedge across the back. Measuring from the straightedge to the flange (wheel center and lug holes). This is the wheel's backspace. Backspace refers to how much space the wheel has Check out our Wheel Fitment Guide.

What is the bolt pattern of a wheel?

Bolt Patterns are diameters of imaginary circles that pass through the center of the bolt holes. See our Vehicle Bolt Pattern Reference Guide.

What is backspacing of a wheel?

The distance from the mounting surface to the back of the wheel. Check out our Wheel Fitment Guide.

What is the offset of a wheel?

The distance from the centerline of the wheel to the face of the mounting surface of the wheel that contacts the hub. A simple way to understand offset is the lower the offset, the more the wheel will stick out; likewise, the higher the offset, the more the wheel will tuck in. Check out or Offset information page.

Can I Finance Rotiform Wheels?

Yes, Check out our Wheels and Tires Financing options.

What is the history behind Rotiform Wheels?

Jason Whippie and Brian Henderson developed Rotiform in 2009. Owner of the Rotiform name is MHT Wheels. At the corporate headquarters in California, Rotiform forged wheels are created from the ground up.

Are Rotiform Wheels designed for specific vehicle models or are they universal?

Rotiform Wheels come in a range of sizes and designs for various automobile models, including its well-liked black Rotiform wheel substitutes. Even while some of Rotiform's wheel types could be built with specific vehicle fitments in mind, many of their designs are flexible and may fit a range of automobiles with the correct requirements.

What materials are Rotiform Wheels made from?

The best 6061, t6 aluminum forgings are used to build Rotiform wheels entirely in the United States. Rotiform forged wheels are designed for aesthetics, sturdiness, and performance. They are constructed to demanding standards and individually tailored for your vehicle.

What sizes and finishes are available for Rotiform Wheels?

Rotiform Wheels provides sizes and widths from 17 inches to larger diameters. They provide a range of finishes, such as silver, bronze, chrome, matte and gloss black, and more. For the most updated offerings, check out their website or dealers.

Can I Finance Rotiform Wheels from Discounted Wheel Warehouse?

Yes, discounted wheel warehouse offers financing options for Rotiform Wheels including several other wheels and tires.