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Founded in 1956, American Racing Wheels is leading the aftermarket wheel industry. With cutting-edge designs, these wheels offer high quality, durability, and visual appeal. They have been a top choice among car enthusiasts and racing professionals for decades. In addition, efficient construction pushes the performance of a variety of vehicles. These include vintage hotrods, classic muscle cars, and modern muscle machines. Plus, American racing rims come in the most iconic styles – truly the statement makers.

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About American Racing Wheels & Rims

Whether you love racing or just need new rims, these wheels are a great choice. They are designed to add both style and strength to your vehicles. In addition, these wheels are lightweight and can smoothly handle high-speed driving. And that’s not all! American Racing Wheels are super durable. They are made of high-end materials like alloy, rotary forged, or steel materials. Plus, they enhance the visual appeal of the wheels. In fact, these wheels will give your car the feel of the 50s and 60s with their vintage designs. The product lineup has over 100 wheel models. These include Vintage Racing Wheels, AR Forged, torq thrust, and 2pc Cast wheels.

When it comes to custom wheel manufacturing, American Racing has set the standard high. They can boost both the visuals and efficiency on the road. It is because these wheels are designed for improved aerodynamics. In simple words, American racing rims are sure to give your vehicle a sleek appearance with high-efficiency performance.

Though they are best known for their racing car wheels, they also have a full line of wheels for trucks and SUVs. These wheels come in a wide range of diameters, sizes, and offsets to suit a variety of vehicles. Plus, they come in many finish options like Chrome, Bronze, or Black. For example, you can get AR172 Baja in a polished finish for your vehicle. Discounted Wheel Warehouse has you covered for authentic American racing wheels. Get custom wheels for your hotrods or SUVs at incredible prices!


Are American Racing Wheels only for racing?

American Racing rims are highly suitable for not just racing but for trucks and SUVs too. The brand produces wheels for all terrains. Moreover, they ensure better control and grip over your car. Need assistance? Contact us today!

How do I know if I have the original American Racing Wheels?

The original wheels have the classic “American Racing Equipment” stamp on the inside of their rim. For more details, contact Discounted Wheel Warehouse today.

What are American Racing wheels made of?

Usually, American racing wheels and rims are custom-made using quality materials like 6061 forged Aluminum, steel, etc. Also, they are lightweight and come in many finish options.

Are American racing wheels vintage?

American racing rims have been leading the market since 1956. They offer aggressive performance and exceptional style. Therefore, they are suitable for both vintage cars and modern vehicles.

Why are American Racing Wheels so famous?

These wheels offer exceptional form and function. People prefer American racing rims for their style and high efficiency. Also, they represent the American culture in a great way.