275/60R20 Tires

275/60R20 tires are suitable for large-sized vehicles, offering robust strength for both on-road and off-road driving. This versatility makes them popular among automotive enthusiasts. These tires are commonly used on light trucks and full-size SUVs, catering to a wide range of vehicles. Known for their optimal performance on various terrains, including highways, mud-terrain, and off-road conditions, these tires are a reliable choice for all-season driving. Additionally, they perform well in cold environments, making them suitable for winter use. Explore our winter tire collection to find the perfect fit for your vehicle!

275/60R20 highway
275/60R20 all terrain tires
275/60R20 all season tires

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Frequently Asked Questions

A 275/60R20 tire typically has a sidewall height, also known as the aspect ratio, of about 165 millimeters, which is equivalent to approximately 6.5 inches.

In general, a 275/60R20 tire has a diameter of approximately 33 inches and a width of nearly 11 inches. However, these measurements may vary slightly depending on the specific tire brand and model.

The major difference is the sidewall height. In a 275/55R20 tire, the sidewall height is 55% of the width, while in a 275/60R20 tire, it's 60% of the width.

The numbers in the tire size, like 275/60R20, each represent a specific measurement:

  • Firstly, 275 indicates the tire width in millimeters.
  • Secondly, 60 is the aspect ratio, representing the sidewall height as a percentage of the tire width.
  • Next, R stands for radial construction.
  • Lastly, 20 indicates the diameter of the wheel.