Wild Trail Tires

Wild Trail Tires

Born out of a spirit of adventure and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Wild Trail Tires has quickly asserted itself as a tire industry leader, providing a full suite of tires engineered to master any environment. Committed to innovation and next-generation design, Wild Trail Tires presents an exciting lineup of touring wild tires, wild trail all-terrain tires, wild trail all-season tires, and wild trail CUV tires designed to meet the needs of thrill-seekers and motorsport fans. Whether venturing out on rugged backroads, going on a cross-country road trip, or navigating slick highways, you can trust Wild Tires to deliver. Take your adventures to the next level and browse Discounted Wheel Warehouse's extensive collection of Wild Trail Tires for available discounted deals.

All-Season Tires

Wild Trail All-Season Tires

Looking for a tire that would be safe to use in any season? The All-Season Tires from Wild Trail offer a pleasant ride with no discomfort and levels of adherence for dry and wet road conditions. Wild Trail's Commercial LT and CTX tires are for light trucks, vans, and commercial vehicles. The tires have improved sipe design and tread compounds provide better adherence, handling, and tread life.

All-Terrain Tires

Wild Trail All-Terrain Tires

Are you a thrill-seeker who requires tires capable of navigating any topography? The Wild Trail CTX tires are a perfect example. They have sturdy sidewalls, rough and deep tread patterns, and distinct compounds. They feature tough treads and compounds that deliver superior traction on regular and off-road trips. When driving on muddy trails, rough rocks, or sandy dunes, count on these tires to provide the finest slipping resistance, making driving extremely exciting and safe.

Highway Tires

Wild Trail Highway Tires

Do you want a tire that can offer a smooth journey when driving out of town? Look no further than Commercial LT, and CTX. Wild Trail makes highway tires for sedans, coupes, and minivans. Their tires come with an excellent mileage tread design and a low rolling resistance compound. Wild Trail Tires offers more fuel savings while keeping the ride quieter and offering smoother performance at highway speeds.

Offroad Tires

Wild Trail Offroad Tires

If you are a dedicated off-road enthusiast looking for tires that can withstand the most challenging terrain, look no further. Wild Trail’s Offroad Tires, including CTX, have extreme off-road expeditions. These tires have aggressive tread designs, reinforced sidewalls, and distinctive compounds that exceed various terrain circumstances. Whether you’re scaling steep hills, steering through rocky trails, or traversing deserted areas, Wild Trail tires provide superior traction, support, and resilience.

Truck Tires

Wild Trail Truck Tires

Are you looking for a tire for your heavy-duty hauls? Look no further than Wild Trail Commercial LT, and CTX. These are suitable for pick-up trucks, work vans, and commercial vehicles. Our tires have specialized tread patterns, heavy load capacity, durability, and traction on hard terrains. You can trust their performance, experience our tire’s first-class traction control, and longer-lasting threading, and experience less downtime while carrying heavy loads or working on-site!

Frequently Asked Questions

Wild Trail Tires are backed by an industry-leading warranty. It covers the tires against defective workmanship for as long as they wear down to 2/32′′ of the original tread depth or a period of one or two years from the date of purchase. Unlike other warranties, the warranty does not cover damage from road hazards, improper air pressure, improper alignment or vehicle condition, off-road use, track use, racing, or any other abuse.

Wild Trail Tires have been specifically produced with snowy roads in mind. Both the all-weather and winter versions feature innovative track patterns and unique compound installations to deliver greater friction, better stopping, and enhanced stability on snow-covered surfaces, all of which allow you to drive during the winter season.

Wild Trail Tires are known for their high-quality performance and endurance. These tires have sophisticated engineering technology, high-quality building materials, and thorough testing protocols. They provide excellent traction, handling, and service life on surfaces and driving conditions. Anyone who values performance and experience should use these tires.

Wild Trail Tires do not appear to be from a single, reputable manufacturer. They are a private label brought in by a large distributor and, to cut costs, in all probability, built in China. They come under the Eldorado Wild Trail CTX brand. This involves TBC Brands, which controls several other tire labels, including Multi-Mile and Sumitomo.

Discounted Wheel Warehouse is a premium provider and retailer of tires and wheels. We have a large stock of affordable Wild Trail tires with fast shipping and financing options. Our tire specialists could help you choose the best ideas for your vehicle and driving. Furthermore, we value our consumers and make it simple to purchase tires.

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