Wanli Tires

Wanli Tires

Founded in 1988, Wanli is a Chinese tire company producing a wide variety of high-end tires. Wanli is a sub-brand of South China Tire & Rubber (SCTR) and stands among the top 50 tire companies in the world. These tires are known for their quality and reasonable prices. Also, this product line offers tires for a variety of vehicles, from trucks to cars and even trailers. These tires are designed to enhance your vehicle's performing capabilities and driving safety. At Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we all the top models by Wanli for you to choose from. Sift through our catalog today.

All-Season Tires

Wanli All-Season Tires

If you want to drive smoothly all year round, Wanli All-season tires are just right for you. After all, they are designed to perform efficiently in all sorts of weather. Our collection has you covered for all Wanli tires including SA302, SP601, SU006. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at our catalog today!

All-Terrain Tires

Wanli All-Terrain Tires

Get your vehicle ready to tackle all sorts of terrains with Wanli A/T tires. These tires have a robust composition and an advanced tread design that enables them to withstand whatever the path throws at them. Explore our exclusive Wanli collection to get your hands on top models like M105 M/T, SU006, etc.

Car Tires

Wanli Car Tires

Give your passenger cars the upgrade they deserve with Wanli car tires. These tires are great if you want your daily driving to be smoother and better. Sift through our collection to get top models like AS028, H220, S-1087, SA302, and SP601 at incredible prices. We also offer fast delivery services.

Mud-Terrain Tires

Wanli Mud-Terrain Tires

Wanli has you covered for the muddy, rocky, and rugged terrain with their exquisite range of mud-terrain tires. These tires have a distinctive tread pattern that offers smooth handling and grip while driving. Check out our catalog for the best Wanli M/T tires including M105 M/T. Free shipping also available.

Offroad Tires

Wanli Offroad Tires

Make your offroading even more thrilling with Wanli offroading tires. These tires are designed for exceptional performance in the roughest of terrains. So, be prepared for enjoyable adventures and explore our Wanli tire collection for top models like M105 M/T at the best rates.

Performance Tires

Wanli Performance Tires

As the name suggests, these tires are designed to amp up the performance of your vehicle. They are suitable for a variety of terrains and offer excellent performance. You can expect smooth handling and grip from these tires. Check out our collection and get your hands on S-1087, H220, SA302, and SP601 by Wanli.

Summer Tires

Wanli Summer Tires

Make your summer cherishable with Wanli’s range of summer tires comprising of AS028, H220, and S-1087. These tires offer smooth performance, handling, and grip all season long. These tires are the best choice for regions where the weather is relatively warmer. Explore our collection of top tires today.

SUV Tires

Wanli SUV Tires

Performance and comfort – SUV tires by Wanli are the best of both worlds. This is all because of their advanced tread pattern. Whether dry or wet, they are designed to handle all sorts of driving conditions with efficiency. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase Wanli tires from us now.

Touring Tires

Wanli Touring Tires

Get ready for smooth and comfortable rides with Wanli’s amazing touring tires. These tires are designed for good handling and grip on a variety of terrains. Besides, they are a perfect choice for road trips as well as everyday use. Browse our catalog for the top models like AS028.

Truck Tires

Wanli Truck Tires

Looking for high-end truck tires? We have a wide collection of truck tires including Wanli. These tires offer the best grip and performance on different terrains. Plus, they have good treadwear and are super durable. Explore our catalog for Wanli’s SU006 and M105 M/T – and buy now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Wanli is a Chinese tire company owned by Guangzhou Industrial Investment Holding Group Co. Ltd. It is a top-tier tire brand known for providing high-end tires at reasonable prices.

Tires by Wanli are very good in quality and are reasonably priced. Also, they are popular because of their consistent performance, good traction, and grip.

Yes! Wanli produces several high-end summer tires. These include AS028, H220, and S-1087. Want to know more or make a purchase? Contact us today!

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