Trailer King Tires

Trailer King Tires

Trailer King Tires is a part of TBC Brands and has been making alternative tires for more than 50 years. They are well-known for their strong performance, true layout, excessive greatness, and appropriate price. They make wide varieties of top tires, like the ones for ordinary cars, sports cars, touring cars, and trucks/SUVs. Their well-appreciated tire sizes are the King RST+ and Ultra STR. These tires offer remarkable grip, steadiness, and sturdiness and work nicely for a long time in a rainy and sunny climate.

All-Season Tires

Trailer King All-Season Tires

Trailer King manufactures their all-season tires, King RSTII and Ultra STR, to perform well throughout the year. And, they use special rubber materials that remain flexible in most weather conditions. This way, they can deliver a secure trip regardless of the season.

Highway Tires

Trailer King Highway Tires

The Trailer King Ultra STR is a form of metal highway tire. It's made for trailers that want to hold a variety of weights. Also, this tire lasts long, grips the road properly, is hard, and wears out lightly. This makes it an awesome preference for driving on highways.

Trailer Tires

Trailer King Trailer Tires

Trailer King makes tires in particular for trailers, just like the ST Radial and RST models. These tires are made to deal with what modern-day trailers need. Moreover, they have a new-style tread sample and a specially-made tread fabric. This offers them outstanding electricity, makes them last a long time, and allows them to withstand getting too warm.

Frequently Asked Questions

TBC Brands, a company that is part of a larger organization called TBC Corporation, makes Trailer King tires. They were making Trailer King tires seeing that 2019. Additionally, they are the largest in North America that makes tires for different manufacturers.

Yes, they're. People say they're well worth the cash. People acknowledge them for their incredible and long-lasting performances. Furthermore, the special rubber used to make these tires offers a higher grip and makes the ride smoother. They have a strong tread pattern that helps to push water away and reduce the chance of sliding on wet roads.

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