Towmax Tires

Towmax Tires

Towmax Trailer Tires has been owned by TBC Brands, a pioneer in the tire industry since 1956. Their comprehensive range of tires is designed to satisfy your driving requirements, offering highway and trailer tires. These tires feature superior grip, control, and life on any road. Towmax employs high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology. They ensure every tire meets and exceeds industry requirements for safety, endurance, and driving characteristics. Are you ready to experience the utmost Towmax tires for your vehicle? Browse our collection of Towmax trailer tires below, and you’ll find that we offer the best affordable prices. Plus, get fast shipping and financing options.

Highway Tires

Towmax Highway Tires

If you are looking for tires that prioritize stability and quiet driving on the roads, Towmax’s Highway Tires are the perfect choice. Their top models, including the Radial STR II, are suitable for SUVs and light trucks. Towmax highway tires prioritize driving comfort, economy in fuel consumption, and durability. Hence, they are a perfect pick for a rapid commute around the city or long rides on the highway.

Trailer Tires

Towmax Trailer Tires

Are you seeking tough tires that resist the stresses of towing and hauling? Look no further than the Towmax trailer tires, including the STR II Radial tires. Towmax trailer tires provide superior load capability, excellent steadiness, and increased tread life. Moreover, they have robust construction, strong sidewalls, and ideal tread patterns. See below our catalog of Towmax trailer tires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Towmax Tires is a brand under TBC Brands, Inc. They are one of the largest distributors of private-brand tires in North America.

Towmax tires have a 5-year workmanship and material warranty, with the first 2/32nds worn off or within two years of purchase. Additionally, the tire has a national roadside service warranty and a year of road hazard insurance.

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