Supermax Tires

Supermax Tires

Supermax Tires has the strength of Horizon Tire, a reliable, established presence in the US market, to provide an unbeatable blend of value and proven efficiency. They have a broad selection of passenger, high-performance, light truck, and commercial truck/SUV products. With tires that match your cruising way, city block shuttle, and loose off-road duty, there is a Supermax tire to fulfill your ride. Are you ready to experience the Supermax effect? Learn more about our comprehensive selection and find the greatest selection of Supermax tires at Discounted Wheel Warehouse! We have a range of products, including competitive pricing and fantastic customer service.

All-Season Tires

Supermax All-Season Tires

If you are looking for tires with consistently excellent performance regardless of season, get Supermax’s all-season TM-1 and UHP-1 tires. Our all-season tires uphold a modern and sophisticated design, enabling better traction and handling in different kinds of weather. They perform well in temperature changes and road conditions due to their advanced tread compounds and unique tread patterns. They are ideal for sedans, hatchbacks, or SUVs, with a great balance of performance, comfort, and toughness.

Car Tires

Supermax Car Tires

Are you searching for tires that can ensure a comfortable and smooth journey during your everyday trips to work or family trips? Supermax’s TM-1 and UHP-1 car tires are what you need. These tires are designed for a sedan, a hatchback or a compact SUV, which guarantees a flawless fit for your car. Whether you drive your car around the city or go for a long ride, you can confidently enjoy the road on Supermax Car Tires.

Highway Tires

Supermax Highway Tires

Are willing to travel long distances and sustain the road challenges of the highway or unlimited mileage. These tires are purposely built for such trips. As the paramount highway tire in the market presently, our HT-1 highway tires have a robust outline and specialized tread elements that provide for fuel economy and superior handling stability. Our highway tire is the perfect combination for any sedan, minivan, or SUV out there.

Performance Tires

Supermax Performance Tires

Do you want tires that take your driving to a whole new level? Then choose Supermax’s UHP-1 Performance Tires. The UHP-1 is designed for sports cars, sports sedans, and luxury vehicles that demand total stability and control. Drive the curves with the best confidence ever or take off with a supermax, and you will get the satisfaction you are looking for.

SUV Tires

Supermax SUV Tires

Get your hands on our high-quality performance SUV tires, giving you peace of mind as you move across multiple terrains with your family. Introducing Supermax’s UHP-1 and HT-1 SUV tires. With highly resilient tread compounds and bolder tread designs, we offer the best traction and off-road capacities in the market. Whether you use it on your SUV or crossover, the UHP-1 or HT-1 lineup will be able to match your choice.

Touring Tires

Supermax Touring Tires

For your long vacation trips that offer less noise and improve ride quality, look no further than Supermax’s TM-1 and HT-1 Touring Tires. They come with the latest technology in tread compound and design, which use interlocking sections. They not only improve fuel efficiency and reduce road noise but also increase the tires’ corner handling. Suitable for sedans, minivans, and SUVs, get the best comfortability and high performance-to-wear and life expectancy ratio for a touring tire.

Truck Tires

Supermax Truck Tires

Are you looking for sturdy tires for your truck or commercial vehicle? Supermax’s HT-1 Truck Tires are designed especially for such heavy-duty performance. HT-1 tires come with reinforced construction, tough tread compounds, and high traction patterns suitable for hauling heavy loads and negotiating harsh terrain. Riding on Supermax’s HT-1 Truck Tires guarantees stability and assurance, even when running at full capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Supermax tires are made by Horizon Tire Inc., which is a well-recognized company in the US. The partnership enables quality checks and ensures the manufacturer concentrates on producing what the North American tire market needs.

Supermax tires represent excellent tires with great quality, performance, and excellent value. The brand seeks to meet the expectations and preferences of customers within the tire replacement market. Thus, Supermax tires offer good tire quality and deliver consistent performance within their range.

The warranty can vary with the model, but a widely used item like the Supermax HT-1 includes a 45,000-mile limited tread life warranty. However, the purchaser can clarify the details of the warranty by the time the deal is concluded.

Discounted Wheel Warehouse provides a vast inventory of Supermax tires at low prices. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service to make your purchase as easy as possible. Get expert guidance, buy without problems, and save on purchasing Supermax’s new tires at Discounted Wheel Warehouse.

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