Samson Tires

Samson Tires

Samson Tires was founded in 1958 and is a worldwide leader in tire creation. The company boasts over 7,000 workers and is a top 40 producer internationally, fabricating over 3,000 tire types in various categories. Samson tires offer a long lifespan, low noise, and are puncture-resistant. Our different categories which include all-season, highway, trailer, and more, will make sure you find your best fit. If you are looking for high-quality tires and want to switch to Samson, check out our latest selection at Discounted Wheel Warehouse. You will find the tires you want at an affordable price with an extraordinary customer experience. Plus, fast shipping and financing options.

All-Season Tires

Samson All-Season Tires

If you are looking for tires that can ensure reliable performance throughout the year, Samson’s All Season Tires, such as RB-233 or GI285T, should be your choice. Featuring leading-edge tread compounds and distinctive tread patterns of grooves and sipes, these tires adjust to different temperatures and conditions on the road. Designed for use in sedans, and SUVs, these tires guarantee a good combination of durability, riding quality, and performance.

Highway Tires

Samson Highway Tires

Do you need tires that are suitable for highway driving and going long distances at high speeds? Then for such purposes, Samson’s Highway Tires will be the best choice, including, for example, GI285T and RB-233. These tires are specially designed for such activities and constructed with reinforcement that ensures durability at high speeds. Samson highway tires ensure greater fuel economy, and reduced road noise, making them perfect for sedans, minivans, and SUVs.

Trailer Tires

Samson Trailer Tires

If you are looking for tires that can cope with additional weight and tension while towing trailers or heavy loads, pay attention to Samson’s Trailer Tires. For example, the GI285T or the RB-233 models present reinforced sidewalls and robust tread compounds. With Samson trailer tires, you can be sure that your journey is safe and that you can always have total control of your vehicle, despite the added load.

Frequently Asked Questions

Samson Tires is a product from Guizhou Tyre Co., Ltd., a Chinese company that was founded in 1958. With a large market and a modern manufacturing unit, they are produced using advanced rubber manufacturing equipment and strict quality control measures.

Samson Tires offer excellent value for the price. They provide durability, low noise levels, and resistance to punctures. Moreover, user reviews are generally positive, highlighting their affordability and performance.

For the best selection of Samson tires, visit Discounted Wheel Warehouse for more affordable prices. Our trained staff can help you choose the right tires for your vehicle and driving needs. We provide you with fast shipping and financing options.

The warranty information for Samson Tires depends on the model of the tire. It has a warranty for two years from the purchase date. It is always important to go through the warranty documents when purchasing products. Visit Discounted Wheel Warehouse to resolve your queries.

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