Nexen Tires

Nexen Tires

Since its inception in 1942, Nexen Tire has been at the forefront of tire innovation. Originally known as Heung-A Tire Company, they pioneered the production of V-shaped directional tires in Korea. In a symbolic move reflecting their forward-thinking approach, they rebranded as Nexen Tire Corporation in 2000, blending 'next' and 'century' to signal their visionary outlook. Nexen's tire designs have garnered acclaim, such as their eco-conscious Green Hive tire featuring replaceable tread blocks. Renowned for their cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, Nexen tires are trusted by leading automakers for original equipment. Offering a diverse range of tires including snow, winter, all-terrain, mud-terrain, all-season, and truck tires, Nexen ensures there's a tire for every need. Get the lowest prices on Nexen tires today at Discounted Wheel Warehouse.

All-Season Tires

Nexen All-Season Tires

Need tires that perform well year-round? Look no further than Nexen all-season tires, featuring Aria, NPriz, Roadian, and SB802. Their special tread designs channel water for excellent traction on wet roads, while hundreds of sipes provide outstanding grip on light snow. Nexen all-season tires stay flexible in changing temperatures for a good grip. With a long lifespan, you can trust Nexen all-season tires to keep you safe and steady for miles.

All-Terrain Tires

Nexen All-Terrain Tires

For drivers who love exploring rough roads, Nexen's Roadian all-terrain tires are perfect. These strong tires have a tough tread design with special rim locks, making them great for muddy or loose soil. Nexen all-terrain tires also have sturdy sidewalls and rim protectors to handle off-road obstacles. Plus, they're designed to be quiet and comfy on regular roads. Nexen all-terrain is perfect for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs.

Car Tires

Nexen Car Tires

Nexen makes top-notch tires for all kinds of cars, from small ones to big ones. They have tires like Aria, N5000, and NFera, which are stylish, budget-friendly, and super fast. Nexen car tires provide you with a smooth ride, great grip, and better handling. Their Silica-enhanced tread compounds grip the road well even in all weather conditions. Nexen car tires provide a long lifespan and thus outstanding value.

Highway Tires

Nexen Highway Tires

Heading out on a road trip? Look no further than Nexen highway tires. They're specially designed with strong tread blocks, heat-resistant materials, and sturdy construction to tackle even the toughest conditions. Plus, their smart tread patterns keep things quiet and provide top-notch stability, even when you're carrying heavy loads at fast speeds. With Nexen's reliable highway tires on your truck or van, you can cruise those miles with peace of mind.

Mud-Terrain Tires

Nexen Mud-Terrain Tires

When you need maximum off-road muscle, look no further than Nexen's mud-terrain tires. With lines like Roadian, they feature ultra-aggressive lugs and open tread voids that easily expel mud and debris for incredible traction. Their deep tread blocks provide you better grip when you're driving over big rocks, fallen trees, or really steep hills."Whether driving a Jeep or a truck, you can take on the roughest off-road adventures with confidence.

Offroad Tires

Nexen Offroad Tires

When you're exploring off-road, make sure your truck or Jeep is ready with Nexen's off-road tires. With lines like Roadian, these tires have tough tread patterns and lots of edges to handle mud, sand, and rocks easily. Plus, they've got strong sidewalls and rim protectors to fend off punctures and scrapes from rough terrain. Made specifically for trucks and Jeeps, Roadian off-road tires conquer even the roughest 4x4 trails.

Performance Tires

Nexen Performance Tires

Want to maximize the power of your sports car or sedan? Check out the Nexen performance tire lineup, including the NFera, Roadian, and Winguard series. They boast advanced features like high-grip silica tread compounds, perfect for sharp turns on dry roads. With specially designed tread patterns and shoulder blocks, you'll experience improved steering response. These tires have heat-resistant materials and durable construction, thus staying strong for a long time even at high speeds.

Summer Tires

Nexen Summer Tires


SUV Tires

Nexen SUV Tires

Keep your SUV performing at its best with Nexen SUV tires. With lines like the Aria, NFera, and Roadian, they handle heavy and powerful weights. These tires have sturdy tread blocks and tough casings that make driving smoother and safer. Plus, their special designs help them grip the road, even when it's wet or muddy. With Nexen's top-notch tires, you can drive your SUV or crossover with confidence and control.

Touring Tires

Nexen Touring Tires

Looking for a smooth, comfy ride in your car or SUV? Look no further than Nexen's top-notch touring tires like Aria, NPriz, and Roadian. Their advanced tread compounds make handling sharp and keep road noise low. Plus, the unique tread patterns and grooves push water away to provide great traction on wet roads. And with their long-lasting tread, Nexen touring tires keep you driving confidently and stylishly for miles and miles.

Truck Tires

Nexen Truck Tires

From the job site to the highway, Nexen offers outstanding truck tires like the Roadian and Winguard. These ultra-durable tires can withstand heavy loads and high temperatures. With special wear-resistant tread compounds, they ensure excellent grip and control and last a long time. Plus, the aggressive treads provide great traction on muddy or loose surfaces. Whether you're driving on the highway or off-road, you can trust Nexen's truck tires.

Winter/Snow Tires

Nexen Winter/Snow Tires

Don't take chances getting stuck in snow and ice! Get Nexen Winguard winter tires for your vehicle. Their specialized silica-enhanced tread compounds stay flexible even in freezing conditions. Plus, their tough tread patterns and grooves push away slush, giving you excellent traction in the snow. Their extra cuts and sturdy blocks help you brake and handle on icy surfaces. Stay safe and keep moving this winter with Nexen's top-notch snow tires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nexen tires are renowned for their quality and offer exceptional value. They leverage advanced compounds and tread designs to deliver dependable all-season traction, precise handling, and impressive tread longevity. Meeting stringent safety standards, Nexen tires are also selected as original equipment on numerous new vehicles. Rigorously tested before hitting the road, Nexen ensures their tires meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Although Nexen tires are competitively priced compared to premium brands, their affordability does not compromise on quality. Nexen employs state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, processes, and equipment in their tire plants. By prioritizing efficiency, they can offer top-quality tires at lower prices without compromising on performance, comfort, or durability.

Yes. Nexen manufactures highly effective winter tires designed to ensure safe driving on snow and ice. With lines like Winguard, these tires feature specialized silica tread compounds that remain flexible even in freezing temperatures, enhancing traction. Their robust tread design, equipped with numerous edges and grooves, provides exceptional grip in challenging winter conditions. Engineered specifically for cold weather and treacherous winter roads, Nexen winter tires offer reliable performance to keep you moving throughout the winter season.

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