Nankang Tires

Nankang Tires

Nankang Rubber Tire Corporation Ltd., founded in 1959, has become a major player in Taiwan's tire market, specializing in synthetic rubber and automobile tires. The company caters to a wide range of vehicles from sedans to SUVs and trucks, From ultra high-performance options for road and track to everyday commuting and off-road ventures in the harshest terrains, Naankag tires have you covered. Our collection of Nankang tires covers every season, condition, and size range, ensuring optimal driving experience and unbeatable value.

All-Season Tires

Nankang All-Season Tires

Nankang is a trusted provider of all-season tires. Check out models like the Nankang AW-6 tire, which offers year-round performance and features a silica compound and wide block design, earning it the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake symbol (TPMSF). It combines summer and winter tread for stability on dry roads, ensuring dependable grip, braking, and minimal tire noise.

Car Tires

Nankang Car Tires

Elevate your driving experience with Nankang car tires, which include the NS-2R, CR-S, and CR-S. The NS-2R Ultra High-Performance Summer Tire provides precise handling and excellent grip on wet and dry roads, great for track enthusiasts and spirited drivers. Meanwhile, the CR-S offers extreme grip and stiffness, perfect for club racers or track enthusiasts chasing peak performance. The NS-2 and AS-1 ensure year-round safety and versatility, focusing on water direction for reliability.

Performance Tires

Nankang Performance Tires

Explore Nankang's performance tires, like the CR-S and NS-2R, designed for top-class performance. The NS-2R, an Ultra-High-Performance Summer Tire, ensures exceptional grip and stability on wet and dry roads, perfect for track days and spirited driving. Meanwhile, the Extreme-Performance Summer Tire's CR-S provides extreme grip, rigidity, and reinforced sides, catering to club racers, track enthusiasts, and those craving maximum performance.

SUV Tires

Nankang SUV Tires

Nankang's SUV tire lineup features the SP-7 Performance X/P Sport, perfect for SUVs and light trucks. The SP-7 offers a quiet and comfy ride with confident handling on both dry and wet roads, making it a top pick. Meanwhile, the AT-5 is tailored for all-weather, all-terrain performance, with enhanced durability and traction for tackling tough conditions, including towing. For off-road enthusiasts seeking maximum traction and stability, the MT-1 ensures control and a reliable ride, even on rugged terrain.

Touring Tires

Nankang Touring Tires

Discover Nankang's touring tires such as the CX668 or SP-9 Cross-Sport, designed for comfortable rides and great performance. The CX668, an all-season touring tire, saves fuel and lasts long, perfect for small coupe and sedan drivers. Meanwhile, the SP-9 Cross-Sport provides a good mix of performance and comfort, ideal for today's SUVs and crossovers. Both tires have touring tread patterns, reducing noise and working well in all driving conditions.

Truck Tires

Nankang Truck Tires

For off-road enthusiasts, explore Nankang’s truck tire lineup, which includes the versatile SP-7 Performance X/P Sport — available in three sizes for various trucking needs. The SP-7 ensures a smooth and quiet ride while efficiently handling wet and dry roads. Engineered for all-weather and all-terrain performance, the AT-5 offers enhanced durability and grip for challenging conditions, including towing. Meanwhile, the MT-1 provides maximum traction, stability, and fuel efficiency for off-road adventures, promising a quiet and reliable ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nankang tires are known for their durability, performance, and affordability. They cater to diverse driving needs with models like the MT-1 for off-road adventures and the NS-2R for performance enthusiasts. While user opinions differ, they remain a go-to choice for budget-conscious buyers.

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Nankang tires strike a good balance between performance, durability, and affordability. They cater to various driving needs with a range of models available.

Efficient manufacturing processes, mid-range market positioning, cost-effective materials, streamlined distribution, and a competitive position in the tire market make Nankang tires affordable.

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